The characteristic that microscope learns reachs an issue
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Microscope learns to be compared to photograph of method of other structure token, the electron microscope learns to have the advantage of a few respects: Scattering capability is strong: Compare microscope with X ray photograph, the scattering ability of electron beam microscope is 10 thousand times former, because this can gain enough diffractive strength in very small area, realize the treatment of area of rice of small, accept and component research easily, microscope atom is ambitious to scattering energy of the electron at X - the microscope scattering ability of ray, even if little grain (Na Mijing body) Yi Ke gives out enough strong diffraction, kinetic diffraction and absorb strong, can penetrate only small sample, microscope learns.
Wavelengh is short:

Ewald ball radius is big, diffractive graph is like plane of an easy lattice

Intuitionistic, incidental Xin Yan shoots a phenomenon

D is worth precision difference

Bundle spot but focusing:

Assemble Shu Yan is shot (accept Mi Shuyan is shot) , can obtain three-dimensional and diffractive information, be helpful for analysing a dot group, space group symmetry;

Bureau region composition

Into picture: spatial information:

Observe structural blemish directly

Direct observation atom is round (the structure resembles)

Direct observation is atomic (atom resembles) , include Z line to spend picture

Diffractive: Pour spatial information:

Choice diffraction is become picture (develop line resembles) , obtain bright field, dark field to resemble analysis of advantageous structure blemish

Roll out phasic information like the likelihood from the structure

Composition analysis: Small area is analysed

Chart of loss of diagnostic electron energy (EELS)

The element distributings picture (Element Mapping)

The electron is holographic:

Electronic wave is all information is microcosmic electric field, magnetic field distributings

Microcosmic stress field distributings

The digitlization data of full analysis result is digitlized, facilitating computer memory and processing, conform with information platform

Electronic micrology is the strong complement that X ray crystal learns not only, suit the microstructure analysis such as microcrystalline, film particularly, analysis of small to bureau region structure, especially analysis of accept rice structure has distinct advantage.

Electronic micrology inadequacy and prospective development are looked into

Basically be not worth expression to be: Because electronic scattering capability is extremely strong, incidental 2 diffraction, the explanation is difficult;

Because be the 2 dimension plane of three-dimensional object,cast video, resemble sometimes not uniqueness, explain must careful; Ultrathin sample (100 accept rice is the following) , the process that make appearance is complex, difficult, make appearance have loss; Electron beam has irradiation loss to sample, meet sometimes generation blame asks for a structure originally;
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