Colored fundamental
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Coloring uses dye to be on constituent section namely accord color, make some kind of composition inside its and organization or cell produces effect, be absorbed through spectrum after the course is transparent and refract, make its all sorts of imperceptible structures can show different color, can show all sorts of part of constituent cell below microscope so. Coloring agent and the process that constituent cell photograph is united in wedlock and make constituent cell chromatic and physics and chemistry both are relative. One. Colored physics phenomenon 1. Dissolvability: The case with this kind of the most typical coloring is adipose coloring, sudan kind coloring agent is dye of fat dissolve sex, it can be pledged dissolve by fat, make fat qualitative chromatic, the solubility in using coloring agent to pledge in fat namely is more than the solubility in the dissolvent such as alcohol this one character. Accordingly, when Sudan kind when alcohol solution and the fat in organizing a cell are contacted character, coloring agent transfers ” to pledge to fat from the “ in solution in go, and make fat qualitative chromatic. 2. Sorption: Bigger object has from all round medium sucks the character that adds little grain to oneself. Some coloring are coloring agent element be absorbed with the capillarity through permeating or precipitate to organize, go in cellular alveolus and chromatic. For example activated carbon is adsorptive all sorts of elements, colloid even and microbial like waiting for bigger grain. 2. Colored chemistry reacts the coloring action of acid dye and basic dyes often is contrary, is not consistent. Any dye all but ionization, dissociation gives cation or anion. What the acidity part in acid dye has coloring effect is anion; What the alkalescent part in basic dyes has coloring effect is cation, acidity and basic material are contained at the same time inside the cell, the cation photograph in acidity material and basic dyes is united in wedlock, like nucleolus (contain nucleic acid) mucus and cartilage matrix show acidity share by salt base place of element of sexual dye brazilwood is caught, conversely the anion photograph of basic material and acid dye is united in wedlock, if cellular oar reachs his,internal certain grain matter is caught by red place of acid dye Yi. The color of dye base either in cation, go up in anion namely, these ion will differ because of organizing reaction and produce chemical tie, what if show,contain iron blood yellow element is Prussian orchid reaction is the most typical case. But, many colored chemistry reacts and make clear in that way unlike iron reaction, actual condition is far for complex. Because protein element is a molecular quantity,this is from tens of thousands of to millions of macromolecule, a lot of cation and anion gene are contained in every element, the zwitterion of free can be formed when isoelectric point, be like: COOH COO- P P NH2NH3 P is protein, it is the colloid material that has a couple. It shows acidity or alkalescent with environmental PH the value is concerned, if the PH of solution is worth the isoelectric point that is less than this protein criterion this solution is protein to this kinds it is acidity namely, protein carries positive electricity, will by acidity coloring agent place is chromatic. Conversely, the PH value of solution is more than protein isoelectric point, criterion this solution is alkalescent to be namely for this protein, protein carries negaive electricity, the coloring agent place the cation that be contained be contaminated. In routine, secure the constituent section at formaldehyde for a long time, often coloring is undesirable, especially of the nucleus chromatic owe beautiful. Because oxidation of fixed fluid formaldehyde makes formic acid,this is, the organization also turns into subsequently acidity, so not easy by brazilwood element place chromatic, remedial method is, rinse constituent piece with running water first, if the processing such as rare ammonia alcohol makes,use alkalescent solution next counteract, return to normal coloring of travel of the reentry after PH is worth. Most colored principle still did not make clear Hunan up to now. Some may be physics, some may be chemical, some are likely two kinds of mechanisms are effective, returning to colored principle because of people did not master completely, still cannot apply a principle to control it well at present so. In working experience should be depended on on degree quite. Because ” of this “ coloring is become technical a very strong job. When having method of coloring of avery kind of, must notice to accumulate experience ceaselessly conciously, go mastering this coloring skill truly from inside success and failure. 3. Undertake sexual coloring is mixed retreat travel sex coloring to organize part chromatic by shallow to deep, when the intensity that achieves a need, stop coloring. This kind of method is called undertake sexual coloring. The dye liquor chroma that uses commonly is inferior, observation often should fall to be controlled in order to undertake in lens in coloring process, such ability get the result of coloring intensity moderate. This kind of method need not ” of “ become divided, for example, block red coloring. Retreat travel sex coloring, it is cross constituent chroma first degree, exceed requires level, next certain solution shucks off reoccupy redundant coloring agent, in order to achieve proper deepness, make should not organize cellular decolour chromaticly, this measure calls ” of “ become divided. Undertake in differentiation lens issues observation, also be indispensable of course. With brazilwood element catchs a nucleus to retreat travel sex coloring namely in H.E coloring. 4. Direct coloring, indirect coloring and mordant have some of coloring need not the 3rd kind of material attends, coloring agent and organization can be united in wedlock directly chromatic, it is to be direct coloring. The chroma of the deepness that direct coloring achieves finally and dye liquor and constituent cell are right the affinity of coloring agent is relevant. Still have a few coloring, the aqueous solution of alone fuel itself or alcohol solution, barely and the faculty that constituent cell is united in wedlock or join are very weak, must mordant of —— of the 3rd kind of composition is participated in, ability makes coloring agent and constituent cell are united in wedlock effectively rise, method of this kind of coloring calls indirect coloring. Mordant is double price or tervalent metal are like aluminium normally, the sulfate of iron or oxide. Mordant some is added in dye liquor, mordant dyeing action undertakes at the same time in colored (like coloring of Ehrlich brazilwood element) ; Before some is used at coloring, mordant matchs solution alone, the function that secures fluid itself to removing mordant dyeing (if Wallory phosphor tungsten is acerbity Zenker of brazilwood element tragacanth or Helly are fixed) ; Use after coloring sometimes. Mordant is rising to bridge in coloring action, can be united in wedlock again with the organization with dye already, achieved stimulative colored result. For example brazilwood element needs aluminous make mordant, ability makes an organization chromatic. Mordant often is indispensable almost in reaction of a few indirect coloring.
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