Brief introduction of microscope of laser copolymerization anxious scanning
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Microscope of laser copolymerization anxious scanning is to use laser to serve as illuminant, conjugate focusing principle and device are used on foundation of traditional and optical microscope, an observation that the target that uses the computer to observe an analysis to place has digital image is handled and analytic system.

LSM510 is current world to go up advanced type, the configuration of whole system (include image to export equipment) , it is current country is the wholest and advanced.

Main system comprises: Anxious microscope of laser source, copolymerization (before including field lens, mix with the pinhole before detector computer of optical microscope, detector and image output equipment (printer of monitor, color and picture slide show make equipment) .

LSM and traditional and optical microscope are compared, basically solved the problem that biology sample structure overlaps the influence observes each other, can form clear three-dimensional picture.

Detecting the main advantage of the respect has:

1, undertake successive scanning to vivid cell and organization or cellular section, can obtain careful individual or a flock of cells perhaps observe each level structures of local organization (include a cell framework of cell of peculiar structure — , chromosome, cell implement with cellular film system, the deep-seated structure of sample) three-dimensional image.

2, ionic fluorescence labels inside the cell, sheet labels or 3 Nai are written down, detect mix like PH inside the cell rate of pH indicator of sodium, calcic, magnesian plasma determines reach dynamic change.

3, the material of vivid cell biology of the vivid cell that fluorescent mark probe labels or section specimen, reaction of material of velar mark, immunity, immunity, accept put oneself in another's position or distribute system, the observation such as nucleic acid; Can be in same piece undertake at the same time multiple material labels on sample, observe at the same time;

4, fluorescence detects fast, arouse luminous intensity accurate control, light is blanched and fluorescent temper by dipping in water destroys effect is little;

5, detect to the cell nondestructive injury, accurate, accurate, reliable with admirable repeatability; Data image can be outputted in time or store for a long time. Sample requirement: Sample preparation does not have extraordinary requirement; The organization of all sorts of coloring, blame coloring, fluorescent mark (include living tissue) , section of smear of education cell, conglutinate cell, cell, olefin, freezing section.

Use range

1, cellular biology: Structure of cellular structure, film of cellular framework, cell, fluidity, suffer body, cell implement structure and wither of distributinging change, cell die;

2, biochemistry: Enzymatic, nucleic acid, FISH (fluorescent former a cross) , analysis accepting put oneself in another's position
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