Fundamental of immune fluorescence technology
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Immune fluorescence technology (Immunofluorescence Technique) call fluorescent antibody the technology again, it is the technology of fluorescence of a kind of immunity with the earliest development in mark immunity technology (Immunofluorescence Technique) call fluorescent antibody the technology again, it is a the development in mark immunity technology is the earliest kind. It is a technology that builds on the foundation of immunology, biochemistry and microscope technology. There are a few scholars to try to join antibody member character with a few tracer since early, use antigen antibody response to have the fixed position of material of the antigen inside organization or cell. Coons is equal to used fluorescence to element has number and score a success first 1941. This kind of technology that undertakes antigen locates with antibody of fluorescent material symbol calls fluorescent antibody skill (Fluorescentantibodytechnique) .
The method that show trace with fluorescent antibody or checks corresponding antigen calls fluorescent antibody the law; The method that with foregone fluorescent antigen number other people shows trace or checks corresponding antibody calls fluorescent antigen the law. Technology of fluorescence of immunity of floorboard of these two kinds of methods, because of fluorescent pigment not only can be united in wedlock with antibody globulin, be used at detecting or locate all sorts of antigen, also can be united in wedlock with other protein, be used at detecting or fixed position antibody, but technology of fluorescent in real work antigen applies rarely, so people habit calls fluorescent antibody skill, or call immune fluorescence skill. With fluorescent antibody method more commonly used. With immune fluorescence the technology shows and the method such as the antigen inside examination cell or organization or hapten material calls immune fluorescence cell (or organization) chemical technology.
The main characteristic of this technology is: Particularity strong, sensitivity tall, rate is rapid. Main drawback is: Be not particularity coloring problem to had be notted solve completely, the objectivity that decides as a result is insufficient, technical program is more complex also.
Fluorescent immunity law differs by reaction system and mensurable method, still can divide further do a certain number of planting. Compare with photograph of radiative immunity law, fluorescent immunity law does not have radioactivity pollution, and be operated mostly handy, facilitating promotion. The TDM that abroad produces uses reagent case, have comparative to belong to this kind namely partly, and still have offer the automatic analyzer production that immune analysis uses TDM fluorescent polarization only.
The background in determining as a result of general fluorescence is more advanced problem, fluorescent immunity technology is used at be being measured surely to have certain difficulty surely. Developed a few kinds of special fluorescent immunity to determine in recent years, determine with enzymatic immunity and radiative immunity analysis is same, be in clinical the application in examining.
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