The comprehensive knowledge of chromatic CCD camera
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Explain to the noun from the technical index of CCD camera, very comprehensive knowledge.

1.CCD dimension, i.e. pickup camera target range. It is 1/2 more formerly inch, now 1/3 inch already gained ground change, 1/4 inch with 1/5 inch commercial already also.
2.CCD resembles element, it is the main function index of CCD, it decided to show the clear rate of image, resolution is higher, the performance of image detail is better. CCD is by the face blast sensitive element composition, each element is called like element, more like element, picture is clearer. Now in the market mostly with 250 thousand and 380 thousand it is delimit like element, the 380 thousand person that resemble element above is high definition pickup camera.
3.Horizontal resolution. The typical resolution of chromatic pickup camera is to be in 320 arrive between 500 TV line, basically have the different class such as 330 lines, 380 lines, 420 lines, 460 lines, 500 lines. Resolution is the line of sight that use phone (abbreviation line TV LINES) come denotive, color photographs the resolution that resembles a head to be between 330~500 line. Resolution and CCD and camera lens are concerned, still spend with the frequency bandwidth that photographs passageway of circuit resembling a head direct and relevant, the frequency band width that normally the rule is 1MHz is equivalent to definition be 80 lines. Frequency band is broader, picture is clearer, line numerical value is jumped over relatively big.
4.The smallest intensity of illumination, also call sensitivity. It is CCD the sensitive degree to ambient light line, perhaps saying is the darkest light that CCD becomes the place when resembling to need normally. The unit of intensity of illumination is lux (LUX) , numerical value is less, the light that indicates need is less, photograph more acute also like the head. Moon class and starlight class add high feeling spend pickup camera to be able to work in very dark condition,
1~3lux belongs to  of general intensity of illumination
Moon: 9 ぷ of  Liang  empties behead?.1LUX left and right sides
Starlight: Regular job place needs 0.01LUX of intensity of illumination the following
Red exterior uses infra-red lamp illume, also can become below the circumstance that does not have the light picture (black and white)
5.Scanning makes type. PAL makes the component that makes with NTSC. China uses interlaced scanning (PAL) make type (black and white for CCIR) , the standard is 625, 50, only medical treatment or other major domain just are used a few nonstandard make type. Additional, japan makes type for NTSC, 525, 60 (black and white for EIA) .
6.Pickup camera power source. Communication has 220V, 110V, 24V, dc is 12V or 9V.
7.Believe comparing of a confusion of voices. Typical cost is 46db, if be 50db, criterion image has a few noise, but picture quality is good; If be 60db, criterion picture quality is good, do not appear noise.
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