Colour temperature the ABC with illuminant
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Colour temperature: The color of illuminant emissive light and boldface leave radiation light in some temperature when quality is same, what the temperature of boldface calls this illuminant is colour temperature.

Because greater part is prismatic the light that source place gives out is all appellative for Bai Guang, the colour appearance temperature of reason illuminant or relevant lubricious temperature namely in order to points to call its the rate with smooth relatively white color, in order to quantify the smooth lubricious performance of illuminant. According to the theory of Max Planck, absorb completely the standard boldface with radioactivity force to heat, temperature lifts luminosity also is changed subsequently gradually; The boldface curve on CIE lubricious coordinate (Black Body Locus) indication boldface fizzles out by red —— of red —— orange the process of La Bai of white —— of —— of —— Huang Bai. Boldface is added lukewarm to appear as identical as illuminant or the temperature when be close to smooth color, the definition is the relevant lubricious temperature of this illuminant, say colour temperature, with absolutely lukewarm K (Kelvin, or call a family name temperature) for the unit (K= ℃ 273.15) . Accordingly, boldface heats to make an appointment with 527 ℃ to the temperature when showing red namely 800K, other temperature affects smooth lubricious change.

Smooth color slants more blue, colour temperature more tall; Slant red colour temperature more low. The smooth look that light draws among a day also changes along with time: 40 minutes of smooth color after sunrise are yellower, colour temperature 3, 000K; Noonday sunshine is snow-white, rise to 4, 800-5, 800K, cent is made an appointment with when the cloudy day is noonday 6, 500K; Smooth color slants before sunset red, colour temperature fall again to paper 2, 200K. The relevant lubricious temperature of other light source.

When because relevant lubricious temperature is in fact,be close to illuminant smooth color with boldface radiate, the evaluation of lubricious to this illuminant light expression is worth, be not a kind of accurate color to contrast, reason is provided identical and colour temperature the 2 illuminant of the value, go up possibly to still have trifling difference in smooth color exterior. Only lukewarm unintelligible illuminant is opposite Feng Se the colour developing ability of the object, or the emersion that lays object color in this illuminant how.

It is with common incandescent lamp exemple, its colour temperature control in 3000K; The film that uses sunlight 5500K will take a picture, can slant badly red. To correct this one phenomenon; Color film produced a kind again with illuminant of common incandescent lamp colour temperature the lamplight that is a standard film, its colour temperature in 3200K, in order to get used to the advertisement that lamplight is illuminant, still life, the photography of the subject matter such as lamplight figure. This kind of illuminant must use professional photography bulb, its colour temperature and stable in 3200K, can make sure color rendition is accurate so. Those who need an attention is, what illuminant of photography of most now man-made uses is electronic flashlight, and of electronic flashlight colour temperature for 5400K, accordingly, sunlight film but to it general, avoided the inconvenience that film changes when illuminant is changed. Two kinds of different film can have apparent number in outer packing mount.
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