The development trend of new generation electron microscope reachs applied chara
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One, electron microscope of high-powered field emissive gun gains ground with each passing day and apply.

Lens of report of transmission of field emissive gun can provide the electronic light source of tall brightness, tall coherence. Can be in consequently atomic- - accept is arranged to the atom of material on rice measure and sort undertakes integration analysis. 90 time metaphase, the whole world has a few only; Already jumped now consummate 1000. Our country also has field of about a hundred above to launch gun transmission electron microscope at present.

Groovy hot tungsten filament (electron) gun scanning electron microscope, resolution is highest can achieve 3.0nm only; The field of new generation launchs gun scanning electron microscope, resolution is OK excel 1.0nm; The scanning report lens of freeboard resolution, its resolution is as high as 0.5nm-0.4nm. Among them environmental draw electron microscope can accomplish: Condition of true “ environment ” , sample can issue observation in the humidity condition of 100% ; Biology sample and non-conductive n sample does not want plated film, can go up directly the machine observation into action condition and analysis; Can one machine of “ 3 with ” . High vacuum, low vacuum and “ environment ” work 3 kinds mode.

2, develop new generation monochromatic hard implement, the ball differs adjuster, with raising the resolution of the electron microscope further.

The ball differs coefficient: 9 adept is able to bear or endure S of 鼵 of stool of neodymium of that ancient name for a kind of scorpion is Gan Laiti archives about Mm class; The ball of present transmission report lens differs coefficient to already reduced Cs<0.05mm.

Off color coefficient: 9 adept is able to bear or endure fine?.7 of  of stool of neodymium of  of accept of Gan Laiti archives; The off color coefficient of present transmission report lens already was reduced 0.1.

Technology of lens of report of field emissive transmission, STEM, energy filters electric lens has become material science to consider, even the analytic step with biology necessary medicine and tool.

Field lens ball differs adjuster to raise resolution of lens of report of field emissive transmission to information resolution. Raise 0.12nm to be less than 0.1nm even from 0.19nm namely.

Use monochromatic implement, energy resolution will be less than 0.1eV. But monochromatic implement bundle flow not to add monochromatic only implement when very one of left and right sideses. Because this uses monochromatic implement while, also should consider monochromatic at the same time implement bundle those who flow reduce a problem.

While condenser ball differs adjuster to raise the resolution of STEM to be less than 0.1nm, condenser ball differs adjuster bundle stream raised at least 10 times, special be helpful for raising dimensional resolution.
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