The working principle of electric lens
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From the electron beam of the 30m of diametical 20m ~ that electron gun cathode gives out, the effect of voltage is accelerated between shade positive pole, shoot Xiang Jing canister, through the assemble action of condenser and field lens, narrow the diameter makes an appointment with the electronic bougie of a few bicron. Below the action of the scanning coil of field lens upside, electronic bougie makes grating shape scans and arouse a variety of electron signal in sample surface. These electronic signal are detected by corresponding detector, through enlarge, changeover, turn voltage into signal, the grid that is sent picture tube finally go up and the brightness of modulation picture tube. The electron beam in picture tube also makes grating shape scanning on fluorescent screen, and this is planted the scanning of the electron beam of scanning motion and sample surface moves strict synchronism, obtain line to spend the scanning electron that receives signal intensity to answer relatively with place to resemble namely so, this kind of image reflected the form appearance feature of sample surface. Sample of biology of great majority of technology of sample preparation of biology of lens of report of the 2nd scanning contains moisture content, and softer, accordingly, before observing into lens of line scanning report, want to make corresponding processing to sample. Scanning report lens the main demand of sample preparation is: Make the exterior structure of sample has been saved as far as possible, not was out of shape and pollute, sample is dry and have good and electric property.