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Selling manager of 2008PRECISE whole nation grooms satisfactory end
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Limited company of instrument of department of contest of Beijing general luck " selling manager of PRECISE whole nation groomed 2008 " activity atOn May 12, 2008In saddle Shan Qianshan day guesthouse is held. Department general manager Mr Zhang Yoxin and Sudan young lady visit microscope of limited company of ZEISS far east the spot, manage to Pu Ruisai each district selling manager and partial employee groom the activity offers guidance, great the sale that cheered Pu Ruisai to manage is enthusiastic.

Grooming basically is to be aimed at Cai Si newest roll out -- " " of microscope of AXIO SCOPE A1 and " product of " of anxious microscope of CSM 700 copolymerization spreads out, introduced the function of two microscope, application and advantage in detail, still extend to the market of microscope at the same time reached a sale to undertake specific aim grooms. "" of microscope of AXIO SCOPE A1 is one has freedom of 23 kinds of frame to combine, convenient and substantial upgrade system, function is comprehensive vertical microscope. Its apply extensively at metallic sample analysis, housing materials analysis, glass / analysis of pottery and porcelain, lumber / fiber analysis, polymer analysis, MEMS (microelectronics is machined) the domain of a lot of analysis such as the analysis. "" of anxious microscope of CSM 700 copolymerization is the true lubricious copolymerization that a scanning speed that goes up technically in material domain can amount to 117fps anxious microscope, this microscope also was had with before the characteristic that product human nature changes a design. Its are main the characteristic is scanning speed adjustable, but automatic focus; Can undertake visual field changeover is waited a moment. Its application field is very extensive also, basically be microcosmic surface three-dimensional observation and measure, MEMS (microelectronics is machined) , semiconductor, liquid crystal, metallic stuff, pottery and porcelain, chemical material is waited a moment. Product of series of microscope of two new-style ZEISS has Cai Si's most advanced optical technology, reach patent technology of Cai Si, proved the position of pioneer of optical technology of world of Cai department company again.

Groom after the end, pu Ruisai manages northward career ministry was held with " the activity of gam of countrywide selling manager that Pu Ruisai manages better tomorrow " gives priority to a problem, atmosphere harmonious, occasion is enthusiastic, provided good communication platform for each district selling manager. Groom this the activity is further establish Cai Si company is the same as Beijing Pu Ruisai to manage the strategic associate of instrument limited company cooperates relation, right product of series of microscope of Cai department material will be in Chinese area henceforth sale and promotion are sure to remove huge to urge sexual action!
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