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Beijing general luck surpasses department 7 years birthday is happy
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To celebrate Beijing Pu Ruisai manages instrument limited company holds water 7 years, company leader carried faculty to go vacationing at lake of dwell of Beijing wild goose on June 19, 2008 the village held a company to establish celebration activity 7 years. Department general manager Mr Zhang Yoxin regards microscope of limited company of ZEISS far east as Beijing the old friend of limited company of instrument of Pu Ruisai department, attended celebration activity on invitation.

Celebration activity is chaired by Pi Xiaomiao manager, manager of skin of Lei of dawn of general manager skin, chief inspector delivers a speech respectively.

General manager of leather dawn Lei reviewed 7 years to come to a company to arrive from development the harships course that till mature,expands: From company of first a few people, to today company dimensions enlarges 50 much people, year sale hundreds of; High-end market is had rate from be less than 5 % at first to be jumped stage by stage reside the 70 % now, realized Cai successfully to manage the business of market of high end of microscope whole nation is enclothed, obtained the outstanding achievement of arrogant person.

System of the management in the company introducing to develop a process on the foundation that leather chief inspector grows in company reviewing builds perfect, labor power brand of construction of culture of resource management, company, industry establishs the dribs and drabs that waits for the job, sell the work to future begin offerred a program.

The company in celebration still gave to first-class staff of on one year commend and commend, judge respectively gave year " " of award of outstanding selling manager and " " of first-class staff award. Employee of bear the palm also makes a speech respectively, express the determination that oneself work hard and the ardent hope to the company. Limited company of ZEISS far east Mr Zhang Yoxin delivers a speech finally, the high quality of the flying development that he surpasses department instrument limited company 7 years to come to Beijing general luck, obtained exceedingly good result and work up sold a group to offer height affirmation, express to wish to surpass department instrument limited company to maintain long-term strategic partner to concern with Beijing general luck, promote bilateral development jointly. Celebration activity is last, company faculty was held jointly with " the congratulatory evening party that Beijing Pu Ruisai manages " of joy of 7 years of birthday gives priority to a problem, for Beijing Pu Ruisai manages instrument limited company established celebration activity 7 years to leave perfect one page.