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Ba Si of Japanese Ao Lin (OLYMPUS) microscope Anhui is sold continuously place (
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Chief: Huo Gang
Address: Village of city of dean of topography of road of hill of Zhengzhou city fleabane 64 buildings 2 unit 201 rooms
Phone: 0371-66655178
Fax: 0371-67100419
Mobile phone: 13513895150 13949018986
Mailbox: Huogang1980@163.com
Aoteguang learns Chongqing the other and relevant instrument of small lens form a complete set mixes Ba Sixian of Ao Lin of Japan of OPTEC brand microscope number of COOLSNAP of peripheral equipment United States is microscopical become like the system all sorts of microscope are maintained, maintain, spare parts, number takes a picture software of analysis of device, image,