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MDS-SP metallographic is microscopical check evaluates class workstation - syste
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MDS-SP metallographic check evaluates brief introduction of class system function

Microscope of MDS lab metallographic basically is fastened with Yu Jian and the internal composition of material of analytic metal, alloy is organized, study the main tool of metallographic for metallic physics. Field lens of metallographic of system of this lighting of instrument configuration 6V/30W, level field and polarizing observation device, it is good to have image clarity, line to spend, modelling beautiful, operation is convenient wait for a characteristic, apply to the branch such as the school, scientific research, factory to use. " OPTPRO2008 metallographic is special grade software " it is the unit that examines to be engaged in metallographic or individual the system of software of a computer that develops technically, its fundamental is: Collect the hardware equipment such as card or digital camera with video, collect the metallographic picture in metallographic microscope, undertake handle and be analyticed to this picture again, get relevant examine result. The main function of this software is as follows:

⒈ automatic grade: This software with examining the standard is a basis, development went more than 100 categories module of function of more than 200 kinds of software, user but according to need, the choice examines project, below the help of this software, the inspection man that finish is made. At present the software module detailed list of this system sees accessory. The grade means of this software module has the following 3 kinds: Automatic grade: Software can reach automatically final analysis result; Assist grade: Software can reach and analyse the parameter that has certain connection as a result; Compare grade: Will collect the sample image that come down and standard figure library to undertake comparative, make a result judge artificially. ⒉ builds a report: Can press what user demand makes report documentation to type interface, software to be able to generate electronic report documentation automatically, provide a report save and print a function. ⒊ opens a report: Open and browse the report file that has saved. ⒋ geometry measures: This software was offerred " linear " , " rectangular " , " round " , " polygonal " , " a variety of measurement such as angle " tool and measurement technique, achievable length, area, angle measure the job. ⒌ examines graph library: All metallographic a collection of illustrative plates that the user can choose to examine this software to collect, this software metallographic a collection of illustrative plates provides source by the user, type by us. ⒍ decides times print: Can load much more deputy picture, can undertake to its image is handled, setting specification character and the layout that print, generate to suit all sorts of industries then the report file of special requirement. ⒎ off line spells a graph to be together joining together of many pieces of picture (the requirement is specific see) of image joining together, image joining together has " automatic " and " the hand moves " two kinds of means, if use " automatic " means, be needed to have coincide share by joining together image; ⒏ trends is measured supportive collection gets stuck and the video that resembles a head is photographed in DirectX video and aspirant travel is measured! After need not collecting the picture, can be in what real time, trends undertakes on the picture to measure directly, measure with the static state compare, increased convenient sex and practical!
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