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Chongqing abstruse special microscope firm will join fair of metallurgical indus
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As domestic and international famous metallurgy is exhibited, exposition of Chinese Beijing metallurgical industry held 4 already successfully up to now from 2004, communicate collaboration to drive the development of the industry and line of business of domestic foreign enterprise, producing the effect that cannot replace. Arrived 2004 2006, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to reach exhibit an area to grow with every speed of 20% . And grew 35% than 2006 2007. Predict 2008 exposition of metallurgical industry of international of Beijing of the 5th China, will have global metallurgy company many 600 attend a meeting ginseng exhibit, product of high additional cost and advanced manufacturing facilities and forward position technology will be in exhibit appearance on the meeting appear. Exposition of 2008 metallurgical industry should the apiration of broad manufacturer, and the market need of this exhibition, classics organizing committee decides, will on September 26, 2008 - in Beijing new China International exhibits a center 28 days to hold. Should be being exhibited will be domestic and international the another big grand meeting of industry of 2008 year metallurgy! For metallurgy industry development of new science and technology buys power again!

Have ability of remarkable product research and development and powerful market to develop the company of new and high technology of actual strength as domestic microscope domain, chongqing abstruse special microscope company holds from beginning to end hold with " establish Yu Cheng letter, for the user creation value " is management concept. It is direction in order to make company core competition ability, in order to have the force of research and development of technology of telescope forward position, high quality product, the sale network of efficient, acumen is entered with active, act vigorously, harmonious enterprise atmosphere, regard an enterprise as the target of construction, contribute a force for ethical microscope industry.

My company joins the product that exhibit this to have: Microscope of metallographic of convert of lab of series of small-sized metallographic microscope, MDS reachs series of SMZ series stereomicroscope, MDJ series of system of class of metallographic check evaluation, MIT reflexes major of series of metallographic microscope, BK-POL fully polarizing microscope. Client, agency comes to greeting everybody my department exhibits a stage to look around, negotiate!

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