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Aoteguang learns Chongqing microscope welcomes activity of Olympic Games sales p
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The Olympic Games was held in Chinese capital Beijing 2008, as the Chinese we feel pride is mixed proud!

China holds Olympic Games grand meeting first, inOn July 13, 200112 when those who apply for a success that momently China is boiling.

As the drawing near of the Olympic Games, the excited hour of Chinese people is coming. Develop China for chance with the Olympic Games, let China move toward world power, let more people understand China, make the earnest wish of every Chinese.

Have ability of remarkable product research and development and powerful market to develop the company of new and high technology of actual strength as domestic microscope domain, chongqing abstruse special the company holds from beginning to end hold with " establish Yu Cheng letter, for the user creation value " is management concept. It is direction in order to make company core competition ability, in order to have the force of research and development of technology of telescope forward position, high quality product, the sale network of efficient, acumen is entered with active, act vigorously, harmonious enterprise atmosphere, regard an enterprise as the target of construction, contribute a force for ethical microscope industry. "Taller, faster, stronger " is the catchword of the Olympic Games, it is the struggling catchword of every Chinese more.

To make strong and homebred brand, serve for country and people better to let ethical product. Chongqing abstruse special the company decides to release following sales promotion activities.

1, all products all are pressed not prep above quotes 7 lose a sale.

2, all product after service period lengthen to 3 years.

3, my company all has merchandise on hand to supply in all agency that visit an area.

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