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Chongqing abstruse special microscope wins the bid in university of Shanxi Great
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Aoteguang learns enthusiastic congratulation Chongqing microscope purchases the with one action in the project to win the bid in instrument of lab of university of Shanxi Great Harmony!

This second win the bid the product will supply courtyard of college of medicine, agronomy, with mining industry institute, my company product gets consistently the accord of wide lead and teacher reputably! Especially the lab is polarizing microscope BK-POL.

BK-POL/BK-POLR is reflexed fully polarizing microscope, call mine photograph microscope or lithofacies microscope again, it is the necessary tool that has study appraisal to having birefraction sex material, agree with in sheet orthogonality is polarizing, polarizing color of the crystal appearance with the mineral observation below the light that reach awl, color, interference, well and truly appraisal the optical property of sample of all sorts of mineral or other crystal. The research that uses extensively at the domain such as geological, mineral products, metallurgy, chemical industry, medical treatment, medicines and chemical reagents and examine. This instrument configuration falls shoot stress-free of 50W illume and transmission 20W or system of 30W illume lighting, infinity level field field lens, adjustable in converter and rotate platform, be one those who have complete function and good quality is fully advanced reflection is polarizing microscope.