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Enthusiastic congratulation Chongqing content microscope is in Aotesheng Shanxi
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In congratulating me ardently to manage biology microscope monitors station place to need professional equipment to make public project of invite public bidding in advance city environmental protection, win the bid (Shanxi handles a telephone call: 13834638328) Advance city environmental protection monitors station place to require professional equipment Win the bid announcement Suffer what Jincheng city environmental protection monitors a station to entrust, my center already was held in hall of central invite public bidding on April 30, 2008 " the open invite public bidding that Jincheng city environmental protection monitors station place to need professional equipment " purchases an activity. Via criticizing prize committee integrated assess, be in the spot justice of notarial place, supervisory group, supervise below, decided win the bid result, special announcement is as follows: One, number of file of invite public bidding: JCGP2008, 1007H 2, purchase content: Win the bid project: Place of the station of Jincheng city environmental protection that monitor needs professional equipment to win the bid unit and win the bid amount: The first packet: Shanxi sea tells company of engineering of environmental protection science and technology, win the bid amount: 2185400 yuan the 2nd packet: Shanxi China can be peaceful peaceful labour trade limited company, win the bid amount: 1587800 yuan 3, list of the committee that review bid: Purchase an unit to represent: Technologist of industry of Li Anchi: Hao brave annals, Li Jianguo, Yang Jin civilian, Cheng Ruifang. 4, purchase person name and connection means to purchase a person: Jincheng city environmental protection monitors station contact: Li Anchi connects a telephone call: 13834905656 5, concentration purchases orgnaization name and connection way: Name: Jincheng municipal government purchases central address: City of Shanxi province Jincheng greets building of guest street finance on the west 2 buildings postcode: 048000 connects a telephone call: 0356-2065612 contact: Each bidder is opposite Wang Yan if result that review bid disagrees, work in a few days to purchase a center to raise doubt with municipal government of written form Xiang Jincheng at 7 please, the doubt beyond 7 weekday is accepted no longer. Here, the supplier that bids to taking an active part in this project sincerely expresses cordial acknowledgment! Advance city government purchases a center on May 4, 2008My department is stationed in Shanxi agency to contact means: 13834638328 13932176889 Welcome broad user and agency incoming telegram ardently to hang down ask!