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Aoteguang learns Chongqing microscope company rolls out education of SMART serie
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Education of microscope of SMART series biology is clinical the infinity chromatism with examining high-end product outstanding □ is corrective and optical system, the unifinication frame that ensures outstanding resolution and definition □ are novel, offer excellent stability and operation sex □ to be not spherical lighting system distinctly, the color that offers even and bright, comfortable illume □ to abound is tie-in, bring lively environment and free from worry mood SMART to education and jobThe standard configures a watch

Renown Say Compasses Case Whole set Fully Note Ocular WF10X/20mm● ● Take WF10X/18mm of pressing with a finger only among them○ ○ WF16X○ ○ Infinity makes the same score an EPLAN 4X/0.10 of achromatic field lens EPLAN 10X/0.25 EPLAN 20X/0.40 bedspring EPLAN 40X/0.65 bedspring EPLAN 100X/1.25 bedspring, oil Group of double ocular of type of inspection section hinge, 30 ° tilt, 360 ° rotate, interpupillary distance adjustment 50 ~ 75mm Hinge type 3 ocular group, 30 ° tilt, 360 ° rotate, interpupillary distance adjustment 50 ~ 75mm 80 ∶ locate inside type of batter of 20 prismatic converter 4 aperture converter 5 aperture converter is optional stage of stage machinery shift, × 140 Mm of area 145 Mm, import trigonometry slideway, 52 Mm of × of mobile limits 76 Mm, cursor scale 0.1mm, pair reel structure Condenser of condenser Abbe type, n.A.1.25, bring alterable light column Focus of coaxial of device of thick small focus, 26mm of coarse adjustment journey, fine tuning case is worth 2µm, coarse adjustment is taken degree of tightness adjusts