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Aoteguang learns Chongqing the instrument is finite liability company is development of market scientific research, design is made, the optical microscope major at an organic whole makes trade of inside and outside, sale business, it is one of base of Chinese microscope exit. Year microscope of optics of card of “OPTEC” of produce and sale is covered many times 30 thousand. The company manages systematic attestation at passing ISO9001 international quality 2005.

Arrive at present, the project technology personnel that the company already had large quantities of one major to be engaged in research of application of microscope new technology, new technology, new product developing and outstanding mechanic. The company is had make from optical cold working, machinery, finishing detects to officer of general assembly air, quality wait for complete manufacturing facilities ability. The 5 old series such as company production organisms, convert, fluorescent, metallographic, stereomicroscope about a hundred breed, the product applies extensively at medical treatment to examine, industry detects, biology pharmacy, geological exploration, move a plant to anatomize wait for a domain with project of research, gene and school teacher and student. Abstruse special the company depends on abundant actual strength, good reputation, advanced technology, good quality, perfect service to be in frequency of intermediate frequency of domestic and international great invite public bidding wins the bid. Its sold service site to already enclothed the whole nation to save city municipality for the most part.

Preliminary Aoteguang learns the Chongqing that builds contemporary company system the instrument is finite liability company, make the most superior product for the client ceaselessly, provide the most perfect service, it is her the lasting target of indefatigable pursuit!

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Company name: Northeast 3 provinces agency Aoteguang learns ★ Chongqing phone of of instrument limited company: Fax of 024-64668093: Contact of 024-64668093: Mobile phone of Mr Guo Han true: 15998293338 is in province: Liaoning is detailed address: Area of aunt of emperor of city of Liaoning province Shenyang esteems Shanxi road Tsinghua of wood of a water 3 buildings 13 postcodes: Mailbox of 110031: This station is online send mail to give the company that postpone business the website:
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