Limited company of instrument of instrument of nicety of Suzhou big star
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Since our company hold water oneself, main representative and sale appearance of each well-known trademark testing instrument. Superior product quality and good attitude of attending to guests, the accord that won new old client reputably.

Our company are main representative and sale are the following series product:
★ Germany ZOLLER is right to Dao Yi, EZset URMA of Switzerland of Dao Yi; is right Dao Yi, PWB is right Dao Yi
3 abundant of ★ Japan all sorts of Mitutoyo measure (watch of compasses of callipers, height, height gauge, altimeter, micrometer, dial gauge, dial gauge, lever, ply plan, very depth gauge, magnetic watch)
Mitutoyo measures 3 abundant of ★ Japan appearance (microscope of high appearance, measuring projector, tool, sclerometer, surface roughness appearance)
All sorts of measure of ★ Switzerland TESA (watch of callipers, micrometer, height gauge, dial gauge, dial gauge, lever)
Card of ★ Japan PEACOCK checks a tool (be like: Watch of dial gauge, dial gauge, ply, lever watch, deepness is expressed)
Card of ★ Japan SK checks card of needle compasses, EISEN to test needle rule
Compasses of height of ★ Japan SONY, Nikon height compasses, microscope
Appearance of height of ★ Switzerland TRIMOS, TESA height appearance
★ Taiwan 10 thousand Hao " Rational " measuring projector, 2 dimension are video feet of microscope of measuring instrument, tool, 3 coordinate, grating
★ Taiwan essence exhibits stage of GIN sine magnetism, punch to shape implement, versatile magnetism, V piece, emery wheel shapes implement, contented of piece of wolfram steel slip gauge, high-speed steel slip gauge, pottery and porcelain
★ is homebred and microscopical compasses of compasses of sclerometer, microscope, gauge block, needle, whorl gauge, needle
Homebred and accurate granitic platform, quantity expresses ★ , push pulling force plan.