Israel first time uses aeriform memory image successfully
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Use picture of aeriform media memory

Gas stores picture time reachs 30 small seconds

According to foreign media coverage, the scientist of Israel said a few days ago, they realized image successfully to store on atomic steam, although the time of memory has short 30 small seconds only, but this is the mankind uses gas successfully first appropriative memory agency.

Israel scientist expresses, actually this is planted " optical storage " the concept had appeared a lot of years, and already may get applied in certain domain. Before this, luo Che this special the university has been in the decelerate of image and the research respect that defer a technology obtained very great progress. Israel technical institute gets Luo Che this especially big learn those who study positive result to inspire, but paid attention to pair of atom to diffuse more the research of the problem.

Researcher stores in a bundle of smooth pulse above all an image. When smooth pulse encounters atomic condition gas, smooth pulse is absorbed by gas and activation gas is atomic. But, when the 2nd bundle smooth column is shot to this gas when, will break up gas is atomic, make gas forms single quanta state, cause the first bundle of smooth pulse to cross gas. This kind of phenomenon is called " electromagnetism induction is transparent " phenomenon.

Physicist uses this kind of method to capture just about, store and restore complex three-dimensional light field. They in lieutenant general of a bundle of smooth pulse decelerate of a picture arrives every second group of 8000 meters speed. This a flock of speed make the picture can store be as long as in the gas at atomic condition those who count small second is long. Particular experimental procedure is, shoot two bundles of lights above all go up to a 5 centimeters long gas tube, the rubidium gas that 52 ° C contains in this tube and the neon that are used at isolating effect are angry. The first bundle of smooth pulse (the smooth pulse that includes picture namely) only should the half leaves aeriform tube, close the 2nd bundle of smooth post instantly, the rest of halves of such image store at gas in. Here, image stores with code of atomic quanta state. After 30 small seconds, open the 2nd bundle of smooth column again, image also restores subsequently.

The researcher of Israel technical institute not is abandoned - Shu Ke explains, during memory, there are any smooth fields in whole test system. All message that the light carries are changed to be all atomic quanta condition in gas. If can detect easily,give the stable level of atomic quanta condition, people aux will be able to sees quite bright " image " consist in in this gas. Because aeriform atomic is diffusible, resumptive image looks may punch-drunk, and believe comparing of a confusion of voices to be reduced greatly. To improve the definition of image, researcher used a kind of new technics, the image that creates as a result of atomic motion faintness changes a problem to reduce lowermost rate. This technology and move technology of small film has similar place. The researcher phasic move these image features 180 degrees, such those diffuse between image line the contrary and phasic atomic amplitude of area will be cancelled, impossible also glazed line is shot and the line of ambiguous image.
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