"Mobile phone microscope " bring to be diagnosed remotely convenient
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The scientist is photographing the mobile phone in research change his costume or dress like the head become medical microscope, this action diagnoses those who be a doctor remotely and the patient is offerred to the monitoring of own body a lot of and convenient.

Luck compares the mobile phone screen that staring him, but not be to reading the short message with interesting what, representing the baby blue dot that diagnoses to malaria then on careful observation mobile phone however.

A studies a group member that lucky comparing is Dan Fuleiche of professor of engineering of California university biology's leader, this group is studying and make a kind can photograph the mobile phone change his costume or dress like the head become medical the device of microscope. Their do one's best makes the operation of this kind of device simple, and cost is low. They are entitle of this kind of device " mobile phone microscope " (Cellscope) . Contain once change one's costume or dress,photograph the mobile telephone that resembles a head successful, do not have with microscope when assay leucocyte and red blood cell 2 send. More important, be called " mobile phone microscope " this kind of device is OK and direct the picture that in diagnosing medicine, gets undertakes transmission through communication network. Undoubted, this new invention diagnoses those who be a doctor remotely and the patient is offerred to the monitoring of own body a lot of and convenient.

The conception of this new invention only then at accidental classwork. Professor Fuleiche assigned a task to develop the real operation ability of undergraduate studentses -- the mobile phone photograph change his costume or dress like the head for microscope. This changeover was formed " mobile phone microscope " first form, however, a such embryonic form real investment is used still have apparently very a paragraph long the route should go. Include among them: Assay lades tracheally, make the enlarge multiple of mobile phone microscope has adjustability to wait. Fuleiche's group is to the conception of this device: Control of choiceness, durable, mass production, cost is in 100 dollars less than.

Recently, this group finished video to plasmodium of the first frame identifying eventually, "Mobile phone microscope " devoted and clinical diagnostic process strode one stride from this. First degrees assay plasmodium is effectiveness of pair of this one new product examine, examine with it this kind of helminth that causes malaria, because this is planted,be of helminth examine to ask to the video quality of assay device very tall. Once " mobile phone microscope " the success is scored on this project, with respect to the proof it had the capacity that assists a doctor to finish pair of common diseases to undertake diagnostic.

"Mobile phone microscope " can offer to be diagnosed remotely not only convenient, its operation is not complex also -- the use method that people can be familiar with it inside very short time normally. Own a series of this outstanding part, no wonder already numerous orgnaization extends olive branch to this technology. For instance, microsoft aids financially this group to match those who have unit of satellitic remote sensing to photograph like the head, nuojiya and American department of defense all also showed the strong interest to this technology. Once " mobile phone microscope " embryonic form is provided first, it will take the lead in be in Philippine with Colombia by try out.
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