Microscope of Nanosurf nuclear power is explored for spark provide valuable data
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Time of American the eastpart part on May 25 19 when 53 minutes (Beijing time on May 26 7 when 53 minutes of) , detector of spark of American phoenix date lands successfully spark is arctic.

"Phoenix " name got stuck horn of Na Weila Er to blast off from American Florida city in August last year, just come to spark through 422 million miles trudge. Press a plan, phoenix date explores what carry out by a definite date 90 days in spark the task, the arctic area that had not have explored in order to be opposite before this gules heavenly body launchs survey, hide below the earth's surface according to thinking to may have a large number of ice here. "Phoenix " the tool that date lacks evidence of life of the star outside exploring, nevertheless, it will study whether ice has melted, search arctic always the trace of the organic compound in frozen earth, in order to decide whether life once had appeared here.

The nuclear power microscope of Nanosurf special design serves as one of instruments that log onto spark along with phoenix date, will explore for spark provide valuable data.

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