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On June 16, tsinghua university electron can chart lab and electron microscope lab are approved formally to be a country by ministry of science and technology center of large and scientific instrument. Among them, with accept rice scanning Russia rests the system is core instrument, rely on Tsinghua construction can chart center names formally for Beijing electron can chart center; deserves to have field lens ball with 300kV difference is correctional implement electron microscope of analysis of field emissive gun transmission is the core, electron microscope center that relies on Tsinghua construction to name formally for center of Beijing electron microscope.

The country is large and scientific instrument center is with large or those who exceed large and scientific instrument to be established for core is open unit of sexual research, service, center of the applied research center that is high level of this kinds of instrument, Training Within Industry and the analysis that have authority check a service center. Ministry of national science and technology was released 1998 " center of large and scientific instrument runs the country temporary measure " , built center of mass spectra of accelerator of center of center of Beijing mass spectra, instrument of Beijing nuclear magnetic resonance, Xi'an to wait for center of instrument of 13 states level in succession. The construction of these centers, to platform of national scientific research construction, resource is shared reach science and technology to innovated to rise to urge action very well.

According to " center of large and scientific instrument runs the country temporary measure " regulation, of instrument center build, should rely on in conditional university, institute or other unit, build alone not simply commonly. Accordingly, had requirement of very good learning, technology, instrument only, and the lab of fame is enjoyed in relevant sphere of learning be chosen to be center of national level instrument to rely on an unit. Tsinghua university analyses a respect to have very good requirement in the structure of material, surface, electric lens, can the instrument platform such as diffraction of ray of chart, X has very high level. Since 2000, tsinghua university is striven for actively all the time center of lens of national level report is established inside school, can the instrument center such as appearance of diffraction of ray of chart center, X. Electric lens center and can of chart center name formally, the mark is worn the headway that this job gained materiality. Current, the whole nation has 3 to be set in the college in 13 instruments center, it is center of instrument of Beijing nuclear magnetic resonance respectively (Beijing University) , Beijing electron can chart center (Tsinghua) with center of Beijing electron microscope (Tsinghua) .

Beijing electron can chart center is mixed by ministry of science and technology Tsinghua university is collective and contributive purchase Russia of scanning of rice of PHI 700 accept to rest small bougie system and PHI Quantera scanning are become like X ray photoelectron can chart appearance each one, with school analysis center original Russia rests can chart appearance, electron spectrometer comprises Beijing electron jointly can chart center, it is the electron with domestic instrument level, analytic test top level can one of chart centers, can be analysed for material surface and analyse test technology relevantly to consider to provide strong support.
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