Terminative protein conveyer makes new-style laser microscope contend for
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The cell is life most subsection. And the cell has energy, because leave by cellular film space inside the cell,be " cellular small organ " people each doing his own job. Among them one kind is called " Golgibody " , having divisional protein and the effect that carry protein. But how be to protein " Golgibody " in be carried to carry, long-term since it is a mystery that indissoluble all the time. Academia is at present right " Golgibody " the mechanism that carries protein is existing two kinds of greater debates.

The research group development that the Zhongyeming of institute of Japanese manage chemistry as man of virtual and ability director researcher is led goes microscope of a kind of new-style laser, can observe the accept rice class of cellular interior constructs directly, opened cellular small organ thereby " Golgibody " the mystery that carries protein, also be long-term since the concerned controversy of academia drew full stop.

The highest resolution of optical microscope is 200 accept rice, already came the limit; Although the electron microscope can differentiate the material under 5 accept rice, but cannot observe vivid cell. The speed that Zhongyeming as man of virtual and ability the laser microscope of development compares existing microscope and determine speed tower above 100 times above, the accept rice step that can watch a cell directly is tectonic, its resolution is 100 accept rice the following, cellular campaign can be taken inside 0.01 seconds, and draw establishs style picture. This one positive result is right explain biological phenomena, develop new drug and clinical medicine application to have extensive sense.

"Golgibody " it is the protein that cellular endocrine gives in making the process that goes out till carry, be engaged in the cellular small organ of divisional protein job. Research group uses new-style microscope to observe protein is in " Golgibody " in form below enzymatic action " groove " the grade phenomenon of shape. Ended from this " groovy maturity says " and " vesicular shift says " controversy, proof " groovy maturity says " hold water.

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