The Chinese Academy of Sciences is right " microscopical CT research and develop
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On August 5, academy of advanced technique of Chinese Academy of Sciences organizes the meeting in Shenzhen, the Chinese Academy of Sciences of information of medicine of biology of Chinese Academy of Sciences of advanced to Shenzhen of Chinese Academy of Sciences courtyard and healthy engineering key laboratory is great equipment project " use at the insect / what puppy micromechanism and bionics study is microscopical CT research and development " undertake feasibility is proved.

University of academician of Tianjin university Yao Jianquan, Zhongshan land for growing field crops of leaf of university of the 10 thousand professors that satisfy a person, Tsinghua teachs college of old Professor Zhongben, southeast, equipment of plan money bureau is in Harbin Institute of Technology Professor Zhang Qinyu, Chinese Academy of Sciences Lv Lian Qing, . Personnel includes Pan of advanced courtyard chief scientist Professor Xiao Chuan, Liang Zhipei to teach related deputy director general of 炘 of horse of advanced courtyard leader Dean Fan Jianping, Dean Bai Jianyuan assistant, Office of Science and Technology and project, scientific research backbone Dr. Tang Xiangyang, Dr. Hu Qingmao, Dr. Zheng Hairong, dr. Ge Siqin waits for institute of animal of Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the meeting.

Dr. Tang Xiangyang makes the circumstance about Micro-CT project report to expert attending the meeting on behalf of project group, executive means of foundation of the target of the import that content includes Micro-CT project to develop, project, task and content, research and program of the condition that prop up, technology, organization, anticipate achievement and benefit, promotion applies plan to wait.

The report that proved expert group to listen to project controller is hand-in-hand went to rejoin. The course discusses seriously, pass the feasibility of this project consistently to prove, suggest as soon as possible is started.

Expert group points out: What this project studies with be being used at the insect and puppy is microscopical the crucial technology of CT is research masterstroke, with representative organism elaborate structure is mixed the research of functional configuration, microscopical the own research and development of CT attachs most importance to a dot to study content, exploration is microscopical CT technology studies in the application of structural configuration and functional respect, the research that learns to wait for a respect for biology bionics and system supplies crucial technology and important equipment. The success of this project is carried out will make in relevant nicety, medical image reachs biology to wait for research respect to obtain a breakthrough like the method. In studying direction accords with a country, long-term science and technology expands the demand of program and program of strategy of academy of advanced technique of Shenzhen of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have important sense to national economy and scientific progress. Study the target is specific, content setting is basic and reasonable, group collaboration mode is feasible.
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