"Phoenix date " film Martian soil grain is illuminated subtly first (graph)
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Phoenix date takes a picture subtly for Martian soil grain first

The United States " phoenix " 14 days of reports say group of project of date spark detector, "Phoenix " microscope of force of atom of date have the aid of filmed first the careful photograph of Martian soil grain.

On a photograph that publishs in website of bureau of American space navigation, the 4 soil grain that is located in microscope silicon underlay to go up looks like 4 spherule, and actually the diameter of every grain is 1 micron only, the million that is equivalent to 1 meter 1/0. Such observation essence is fineness only ability of nuclear power microscope is achieved, and it can have three-dimensional observation to grain. According to making the controller of Swiss expert group of afore-mentioned nuclear power microscope Wuersi Sitaofu says, this microscope is the smallest the details that can control 100 accept rice emerges come out, than " phoenix " the enlarge multiple of the uses all the time before this optical microscope on date is 100 times higher.

Have the aid of first photograph that this nuclear power microscope films, it is heretofore external the picture with the enlarge the biggest multiple that astral object films, can let Martian soil " fine fine long hair finishs now " . Can see from this batch of photographs, of the real volume of Martian soil grain and scientists forecast conform to.

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