Er of Sai Mofei world is new-style and infra-red into develop to get data quickl
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On August 19, 2008, science and technology of Er of Sai Mofei world announces, its are newest the Nicolet IN10 MX that roll out is infra-red into can make analyse worker to be in like microscope microscopical all sorts of chemical material reach quick identification in miscellaneous structure of the Yu Fu below measure and random mixture its distributing. The new-style Nicolet IN10 MX that be gotten to exceed fast data only and designs is infra-red into resemble microscope, can offer fast and accurate data analysis, from judicial science the polymer material of straight supreme science and technology.

The Nicolet IN10 MX that uses with form a complete set of OMNIC Picta software is infra-red into provide brand-new user experience like microscope, need a mouse to be clicked a few times only, can guide handlers to finish lade from sample the whole analysis process of final report. Vision of design general machine and spectral appraisal technology combine the high conformity of this system organicly rise, went to the lavatory greatly data is gotten and sample is analysed.

Efficient optical efficiency makes the chemical image that the system can acquire sample of tall scattering ability, for instance paper and solid are made agent, make Nicolet IN10 MX infra-red thereby into become like microscope forge detect strong tool.

To get first-rate data, this system can equip at most 3 detector. Detector of a room temperature need not liquid nitrogen can undertake " alignment is patted " type analysis, with efficient insertion type ATR field lens cooperates to use, make Nicolet IN10 MX infra-red like becoming the red infrared spectrophotometer that resembles convention like microscope quick use easily. Detect to rise the data that sensitivity obtains the smallest sample, can use detector of unit element MCT. The array detector that serves as optional fittings makes this infra-red into collect speed to acquire large size image with faster data like microscope, sample of 5mm of analytic 5mm × needs 5 minutes only. Additional, the dimensional resolution excel that Micro-ATR place of the system captures image 3 micron.

Because pass attestation hard, infra-red microscope is restricted in the application in control environment all the time. Nicolet IN10 MX is only infra-red into can be in like microscope reflection, test and verify undertakes below transmission and ATR test mode, because this simplified the attestation process of the instrument. This was infra-red microscope to create good opportunity in the application in high control environment.

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