Sino-Japanese Hangong builds network of observation of large outer space, 20 rad
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3 countries of Sino-Japanese Han decide compose builds the network of observation of large outer space that crosses a state. This is the interference of very long base line of 6000 kilometers measures a diameter that comprises by 20 radio telescope (VLBI) network, it will have more accurate observation to black hole and galaxy.

According to Japan " morning sun news " the website reports 3 days, 13 radio telescope of the orgnaization such as university of Japanese national observatory, Hokkaido will share this observation network; Korea astronomy academy is in 3 binoculars that an Er, Wei Shan and aid city island set newly are adjacent already and finishing; 4 binoculars that China is located in Beijing, Shanghai, Urumqi and Kunming also are booked join this observation network.

VLBI network is to use many binoculars observation is same at the same time a spherical technology. Many telescopic join that nodding the setting differently rises, its function resembles the binoculars with a huge line of action. The data that the binoculars of couplet net collects sends data processing center, the data union of differently dot rises to be able to be depicted piece by observation spherical detail. Amount of couplet net binoculars is more, a mutual space is larger, gotten picture is nicer also.

Network of Sino-Japanese Han VLBI is assuming scale to distribute the sidereal accurate star atlas at the galaxy and research black hole task of two big main observation. The United States had built a diameter to arrange the VLBI network of 8000 kilometers, the diameter of European congener network is about 3000 kilometers. The telescopic amount of network of Sino-Japanese Han VLBI and sensitivity more are taller, observation accuracy will more a step.

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