Electron microscopy within two years China will be largest in the world market c
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To strengthen the exchange of electron microscopy and related instrumentation for basic research and application of latest developments, as well as celebrate the 30th anniversary of Institute of Electron Microscope, October 9, 2010, by the China Society of the main electron microscopy Office, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Zhejiang University and Zhejiang University of Science and Engineering, organized the "2010 National Electron Microscopy Conference and the Eighth Symposium on electron microscopy of cross-strait" in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Grand opening. Meeting was opened by the Beijing University of Technology, Institute of Solid State Microstructures and Properties of Professor Han Xiaodong hosted more than 300 representatives from domestic and foreign experts in the field of electron microscopy, manufacturers, users attended the closing ceremony, including more than 30 Taiwan's experts. President of the Assembly at the meeting Mr Zhang Ze Fellow. Ze Fellow in his speech said: "Over the past 30 years, China Institute of continued efforts electron microscopy and innovation, a strong impetus to the academic development of electron microscopy And international communication, but also reserves a large number of professionals. At present, electron microscopy, the market nearly a year to increase the number of sets can be expected in the next two years, the Chinese electron microscope in the world market capacity will be the first Bit. "Finally, I wish the General Assembly to Academician Zhang Ze success. Professor Hu Yuguang speech to: "A few years ago, has been renamed the Taiwan Society of Electron Microscopy Microscopy Society of Taiwan, and changed its name in the hope that the microscope can absorb more people, to promote cross-strait electron microscopy techniques Make a contribution to the exchange application. This time we come to the conference, it is hoped the two sides continue has been held for the Seventh Conference on electron microscopy, a good electron microscope with the mainland, communication experts and scholars together to promote Into both sides of the electron microscope technology. " As a co-sponsor the meeting, Professor Yang Wei, on behalf of Zhejiang University, welcomed the participants. Meanwhile, Professor Yang Wei said: "In China Electron Microscopy Society of the 30th anniversary of the establishment, Zhejiang University is honored to be Have the opportunity to co-host the meeting and exchange with foreign dignitaries to share the latest technological achievements electron microscopy. March 2010, Zhejiang University, began to build a new electron microscopy center, the convening of the conference will promote the Zhejiang Science Center Construction electron microscopy and related disciplines. " Director Zhang guarding the smooth convocation of the General Assembly for the congratulations, and pointed out that China Electron Microscopy Society of electron microscopy for the development of China has played an important role in the organization and guidance. Meanwhile, in order to promote e- The development of micro and related disciplines, Zhang guarding the Director to encourage experts to be creative and active application of scientific research projects associated with the electron microscope, the National Natural Science Foundation Committee will give strong support.