Test-dimensional electron microscopy wonderful debut China Asia Expo
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Measurement Dimension Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai, by science and technology development of new products, with quality products excellent service win the trust of customers. In order to meet the market needs of customers, we deeply study by the successful development of a set of microscopic measurement system for digital imaging of microscopic development of the industry, there is added a humble, sincere and sincerely hope that domestic and international users cooperation and seeking common development will be measured dimensional optical "talent as a fundamental, market-focused, relying on the capital," Rise to the challenge and go all out to create value and success for our customers to create industry-wide known brand optical instrument, a force industry-wide business excellence, we believe that measuring dimensional tomorrow! CW-Series Z-axis measuring microscope microscope system consists of all imported parts factory carefully assembled by the measured dimension from the optical quality and features to the desktop with the level of foreign countries, technically filled a vacancy in this area, but also because it is So the whole series of dedication sets no longer need a combination of patchwork, with very excellent compatibility. Industrial inspection microscope with a clear advantage is tailored specifically for online production, capturing the sight of the rest of the small defects and space restrictions. Improve the technological content of production lines and integration of quality. Its value is self-evident superiority Instrument characteristics: the microscope system to image method for the measurement principle, the focus position detection method using optical non-contact measurement of the level of difference. Not only at the target image, but also to observe the surface state of the measuring point on the height, depth, height and poor measurement. And the microscope tube also has a variety of light and dark field, differential interference, polarization of the observation function. So the gap on the very fine level of difference, inclusion, microns processes, minor scratches were observed. Equipment use: this microscope for silicon, IC, LCD, TFT, PCB, MEMS laser processing, chip testing, semiconductor materials, wiring harness processing etching, LCD battery cover products such as wire frame inspection observations. Also applies after grinding and polishing, chemical treatment of the workpiece surface structure, microstructure, geometry, the microscopic observation. And there are three-dimensional measurement function, the resolution rate of 0.0005mm. Therefore precision components, integrated circuits, semiconductor chips, solar cells, optical materials and other industries will use instruments.