Anyty portable microscope detection of new trends in lead
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Instrumentation equipment, in people's minds, are generally bulky and helpless, sophisticated and arrogance, or expensive but difficult to master, so a lot of this can be a simple operation, or can be readily derived from the test results, has become distant, is the factory production line with the requirements of the "live of the requirements," continued the laboratory's "discussion site" engineering needs of "live data"; law or the requirements of quality inspection "on-site law enforcement"; The portable instrument to provide more requirements, but also to have quietly become a portable microscope detection of the inevitable trend of the times! | Beijing to recommend the following Aiditaike Limited Anyty several series under the brand of portable microscope, which is through the "Science News", "China's technical quality and technical supervision" and strongly recommended a number of national magazine, has become the instrument within the Portable Pioneer, because such products "portable compact" features, and performance continues to improve, it has gradually become the microscopic detection, identification of new options and new trends! The end of 2008, 3R Group introduced a portable video microscope, the model for the VT101, the size of a cell phone size, weighing only about 70g, microscopic magnification was 108 times that of its real-time display screen, when the official recommended the following reasons: " only pocket size, portable design which allows for improvisation observed anywhere at any time, can be stored in memory (can store some of the standard image data) compared with the real-time observation screen appears; in order to achieve recognition shortcut thinking, and observation of effects of multiple modes of contact observations with non-contact point, leaving you with less microscopic observation! "from 2008 to the present, its the best price and get people in the widely recognized. February 2010, 3R microscopy class in the instrumentation, "portable, video, mobile" feature on the higher level, and officially launched a new brand of "Anyty (Aini Ti)" The brand positioning for the class of portable optical solutions ; their product models are: MSA200; was the official reason is recommended that: "with its portable, video microscope fields feature a unique, but its to 200W pixels, 200 magnification, 1600X1200dpi the high resolution of the pioneering the parameters, as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Forestry, Geological Survey, public security testing and other agencies designated procurement of microscopes, but also recognized as the textile observation, circuit board inspection, cosmetic inspection, antique identification, observation of vegetation and other industries essential tools one. "VT101 on the basis of its further! Video microscopy applications: A farm in the Northeast, our beloved Professor Lu is an experimental field, the detection of lesions on rice leaves whether, prior to its use and the health of rice leaves were analyzed with real-time observation and continuous shooting store for the laboratory Further observation and analysis! A street in Beijing, a high-speed accident, traffic police were busy that figure, the hands are holding the video microscope, and photographed the shooting continued, and its analysis of the cause of the accident and the responsibility to provide a first-hand information! In the calligraphy and painting exhibition, a few pictures and lovers get together to discuss, in the hand holding the video microscope, looking at the writing clear and bright splash into the depth and texture of paper; The other paragraph, but more to our surprise, and its basis in the conventional microscope, not only the design of hand-held, portable ideas, and has a convenient way to focus, even more amazing is the wireless transmission, so that you are refreshing, but also solve some cases before the cable and bring people because of the distress; Wireless microscopy applications, observed instances of beauty: Experiments in certain cities, the number of experts wearing white overalls, is get the microscope to the customer to check the placement of insect hiding his face or head hair of the situation, by far the big-screen displays real-time display, work who kept moving the microscope observation position and the constant sound of discussing the end, but because the cable to the customer with all your worries and inconvenience ----; The application of wireless microscope, Elevator test examples: Taipei 101, in the summer, the staff are holding a wireless microscope over the lift cable in the detection of wear, in the corridor and a few staff members are also a few laptops around, with real-time observation over the radio from coming out of the elevator observational data, and through radio communication links in order to get the perfect first-hand data. the last paragraph, and even the world's smallest microscope, and on the map and look at it, this section models for the 3R-MSM02S