Microscope safety note
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Microscope safety note
Microscope is the state that accurate telescope wants to maintain high quality, must the operating rules with certain comply with. Want to undertake correctly safeguard and be used to the instrument
1, microscope is not damaged by physics, be eroded by poisonous article, radiation or other risk touch, because did not do such design.
2, the weight of sample does not exceed 5KG.
3, to avert burnable eye, must insert colour filter on, if brightness is too dark, also can take off colour filter.
4, in the situation that does not suit or have incorrect operation, gas discharge bulb can explode, random slop glass is cut, may cause harm. Because this must notice safety, follow the service instruction of manufacturer of gas discharge bulb. Gas discharge bulb can give out intense ultraviolet radiant energy quite burnable eye and skin.
5, do not see light directly, also do not make the skin direct expose fall in lamplight, when use microscope, the safeguard that must use an instrument - - - - special attenuation colour filter.
6, whether does check line voltage agree what make clear with the instrument.
7, power source outlet must have ground wire, and ground wire is needed good, it is dangerous to can appear otherwise.
8, if supply voltage is too big, possible attaint instrument, bring about exposure to shine too, answer to shut power source instantly at this moment, change vigour or undertake maintaining.
9, when reinstalling fuse, should see well its model and specification, do not make its short circuit.