The principle of magnifier
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The principle of magnifier

Magnifier magnifies from two convex,

Show a few ideas above all:
Convex has assemble effect to the light, parallel can gather together through convex at the light of key light axis a bit. It is the focus of convex this bit. Focus and smooth heart (the center of convex) the distance is focal length.
Be in when the object less than of convex focal length, show the virtual image of enlarge.
Be in when the object convex 1 times to 2 times focal length between, present the real image that a handstand magnifies.
Be in when content Ding convex beyond 2 times focal length when, present the real image with a contractible handstand.
Magnifier principle:
When we use magnifier, be put the object in focal length less than, what see through convex at this moment is the virtual image that the object magnifies, and magnifier is further from the object, virtual image is older (in less than of 1 times focal length)
Microscope principle:
Microscope is comprise by two convex, put the object in field lens 1 times to 2 times focal length between, this is the real image that the object magnifies into a handstand. Make this real image presents the less than of 1 times focal length in ocular again, the real image that magnifies at this moment continues to show to establishing enlarge virtual image. What enter person small hole at this moment is to pass enlarge virtual image twice. The multiple that makes the object magnifies increases greatly.

Magnifier Magnifier
Those who use observation object detail is simple and visual optical parts of an apparatus, the reference viewing distance that is eye of focal length comparing is small much convergent lens. What the object becomes the volume direct ratio that resemble on person eye retina at content cross-eye place piece horn (perspective) . The perspective heals big, resemble also healing big, can differentiate more the detail of content. Move close object can increase a perspective, but get the limitation of eye focus ability. Use magnifier, make its close rely on an eye, put thing in its focal less than, into establishing virtual image. The action of magnifier is enlarge perspective.