The concerned knowledge of microscope
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Microscope of only item biology: Biology microscope can undertake showing microcosmic examine to biology example, ocular of the condenser of level field achromatism that if deserve to chief job is apart from field lens and chief job,is apart from, extensive role, deserve to have look line unit at the same time, can observe not classics colored is transparent live body. This apparatus is special apply to cell and organization, fluidity, sedimentary to live body etc undertake microscopical research, can use for scientific research, college, medical treatment, epidemic prevention and the branch such as farming herd.

Binocular biology microscope: This is a design reasonable, the structure is compact, use light biology microscope to apply to biology, bacteriological, the research experimentation of the course such as pharmaceutical chemistry.

Microscope of 3 eye biology: Apply to biology, bacteriological, histology, pharmaceutical chemistry to wait for those who study the job and clinical trial to use. Have the focus orgnaization of thick jiggle coaxial, converter of the fixed position inside ball, the lighting installation with adjustable brightness, contain photography, photograph like interface. But choose and buy have: Photography, photograph camera, comfortable like device, number match lens, CCD to photograph like head, micrograph the elephant analyses software.

Metallographic microscope: This instrument is to use appraisal and the constituent structure that analyse all sorts of metals and alloy, can apply in factory or lab to have the identification of cast quality widely, the job such as the examine or organizes to the metallographic after material is handled research analysis of raw material. This instrument can deserve to undertake photomicrography with graph.

Microscope of 3 eye metallographic: This microscope basically is fastened with Yu Jian and analyse metallic interior structure to organize, it is the important instrument that the metal learns to study metallographic, it is the crucial equipment of quality of product of industrial department appraisal. This instrument deserves to use photograph like device, can absorb metallographic a collection of illustrative plates to undertake metrical an analysis, have the function such as editor, output, memory, management to image. But choose and buy have: 10X0.1mm makes the same score   of 20X of   of 16X of   of the?2.5X that bake field graduation ocular, field lens 60X, photograph comfortable like device, image match CCD of color of lens, high resolution to photograph catch card, image to analyse software like static trends, printer of ink jet of color of digital camera, EPSON.

buy metallographic microscope: This instrument is the constituent structure that be fastened with Yu Jian and analyses all sorts of metals and alloy, can apply in factory or lab to have the identification of cast quality widely; The examine or organizes to the metallographic after material is handled research of raw material is analysed, the exterior structure that surveys the reflection sample such as metal, silicon chip and chip are checked, considerable also examine has the exterior structure of the transparent specimen of certain reflectivity. But choose and buy have:   of 25X/0.4 of field lens of chief work space 40X/0.65, make the same score oily) of a 25X of achromatic field lens, 100X(, metallographic measures analytic software, shuttle table.
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