Microscope is common problem
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The first kind: The problem of optical part The positional filament that inhomogenous converter does not turn to locate locally in fixed position resembles darkness of brim of semiotic cause the way to deal with a situation or visual field light and shade to be not adjusted in the center make wipe up of dirty to be stained with on central lens content (soft cloth) have in visual field dirty content wipe up is stained with on dirty content lens (soft cloth, or section is put The 0.17mm that opposed use level builds Bo piece   builds Bo piece heavy panel or the 0.17mm lid Bo of too light use standard piece (resolution is low, contrast is poor) have on dry field lens oiled, 40X has wipe up   more easily there is dirty content wipe up on lens   oil invades field lens to without oiled or oily dip bleb is used oiled, clear bleb   was used be not those who appoint is oiled those who use smooth column of aperture of special and oiled   to leave is too big (too small) it is normal to adjust smooth column size to come there is dirty content wipe up on the incident lens of canister of   double ocular   condenser position is too small corrective position image, adjust carefully the positional specimen that central bolt converter does not turn to locate in position office is in float condition mobile specimen float is in the image when reliably consolidate focus stage appearance puts converter firm to be absent fixed position is in what roll makes to reach the designated position image takes yellow to did not use blue with blue filter slightly

The 2nd kind: The problem of mechanical part

Semiotic cause the way to deal with a situation is used times taller field lens image cannot focusing Bo piece put turned over retroflexion Bo piece lid Bo piece too thick the lid Bo that uses standard ply piece (0.17MM) when field lens from times lower to the bring into contact with when be being changed times higher Bo piece Bo piece put turned over retroflexion Bo

The 3rd kind: The problem of electric equipment part

The join bulb that the bulb when switch of semiotic cause the way to deal with a situation puts through does not shine to check circuit without power source did not insert those who check bulb to insert a circumstance to insert good bulb to had damaged change a proper good bulb bulb burned out suddenly used be not use bulb to use appointed appropriative bulb, or voltage does not stabilize examination voltage, still did not solve looked for brightness of maintenance department illume to be used not quite be not appointed bulb to use appointed special bulb tension circumstance of voltage of flabby too low perhaps examination, adjust normal bulb to twinkle or brightness does not stabilize bulb to be about bad to change of a new bulb bulb insert incorrect, the contact is bad to check firm insertion bulb
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