Brief introduction of a few kinds of special microscope
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■ dim view microscope
Because dim view microscope does not shoot transparent light direct observation system, when having an object, view is dim black, observe impossibly any objects, when having an object, wait to be seen brightly in dark background with the light that object diffraction answers and scattering light. The object observes in dim view, illume light is major by retrace, as a result of the object (the specimen) the positional structure of the place, ply is different, sex of scattering of light, refraction have very big change.

■ phasic poor microscope
The structure of phasic poor microscope:
Phasic poor microscope, it is the microscope that uses phasic difference method. Accordingly, than normally microscope should add following accessory:
(1) contains phase-plate (phasic and annular board) field lens, phasic poor field lens.
(2) with phasic annulus (annular seam board) condenser, phasic poor condenser.
(3) monochromatic filter - (green) .
The function of all sorts of component explains
(1) phase-plate makes the phase shift of immediate light moves 90° , and draw the strength of abate light, the phase-plate of proper place setting of anxious after field lens plane, phase-plate must ensure brightness, to make the impact of diffractive light a few less, appearance of annulus of phase-plate make it.
(2) phasic annulus (cricoid aperture) it is the fold according to every kinds of field lens, and size differs, usable dial implement change.
(3) monochromatic filter is to use bicron of central wavelengh 546nm() green filter. It is to use monochromatic filter to enter observation normally. Phase-plate uses specific wavelengh, what mobile 90° sees immediate light is phasic. When needing specific wavelengh, must choose proper filter, the contrast after filter is inserted rises. In addition, phasic and annular seamed center, must adjust correct position rear can operate, the binoculars in be opposite has this action part namely.

■ video microscope
Will traditional microscope and the system that photograph an elephant, monitor or computer photograph is united in wedlock, the enlarge that achieves pair of objects that be measured watchs the purpose of examine.

The earliest embryonic form should be camera microscope, adopt the picture that gets below microscope the principle of alveolus formation of a imagine, umbriferous go up to sensitive photograph, get a picture thereby. Perhaps be opposite camera and microscope directly receive, film picture. As CCD pickup camera arisen, microscope can change real time image the television through its or on monitor, direct observation, also can film through camera at the same time. 80 time metaphase, as the development of digital industry and computer industry, the function of microscope also gets promotion through them, make its are sided with handier more maneuverable respect develops. Arrived 90 time end, the development of semiconductor industry, brilliant circle asks microscope can be brought more assorted function, the union of hardware and software, intelligence is changed, human nature is changed, make microscope had greater progress on industry.
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