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One, CCD 1. Summarize
CCD(Charge Coupled Device) , namely ” of parts of an apparatus of “ charge coupling, with 1 million it is an unit like element. In digital camera norms how many 1 million resemble element, those who point to is the resolution of CCD. CCD is chip of a kind of sensitive semiconductor, use at taking a figure, apply extensively at scanner, copycat and wait for equipment without film camera. With the principle likeness of film, the light crosses a camera lens, project graphical information on CCD. But what differ with film is, CCD records graphical data without ability already, permanent without ability also save come down, do not have capacity of “ exposure ” even. All graph data can not keep the ground to send a “ the model - several ” converter, processor of a signal and equipment of a storage (for instance memory chip or memory block) . CCD has sundry dimension and figure, the biggest have 2×2 square inch. 2. Of CCD into resemble a principle
CCD becomes the process that resemble is such: The component of silicon semiconductor photosensitive of CCD surface coverture captures smooth unripe electron arises after photon, these electrons are by the saving first in the insulation layer of CCD lower part, next by control circuit with serial means derives in modulus circuit, repass DSP wait to form picture like circuit. Fast Scan and Slow Scan differ on the speed that the biggest distinction derives in Yu Guangsheng electron and circuit system. Fast Scan derives electronic frequency is very fast, so that can achieve the refresh rate of video class, but this will bring about an electron grow in quantity of missing, noise, photo-generated electronic clear sky is not complete; And Slow Scan is contrary, its circuit design is opposite again photo-generated on the protection that the electron accumulates, derived frequency is not tall, but assure to come out the electron in the process is lost and loss falls dinky, limits of its modulus converter trends and sensitivity are extremely tall, made sure signal transition is not lack fidelity, the noise that produces for bring down fuel factor at the same time, system of general use Cooling drops in temperature.
Saw the explains we can know professional level scientific research above use photograph like the head why so expensive, begin from the material of CCD photosensitive layer and area, to photo-generated electronic saving, to the electron derive change-over circuit of circuit, transmission circuit, modulus, image shows circuit of circuit, Cooling, scientific research of class of each pace major photographs the craft that resembles a head to be mixed of civil class different, cost is in a few times to hundreds of times above. The purpose has only, professional class is photographed like the head can as far as possible complete collection arrives all smooth signal. Generally speaking, civil class is photographed can reflect 50% the following smooth signal only like head or digital camera. 3. Evaluate the main index of CCD
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