Convert microscope operating sequence, daily safeguard reach a note
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Operating sequence:
The most commonly used observation method in 1. convert microscope differs namely. Because this kind of method does not beg coloring, it is observation vivid cell and microbial good method. Offer all sorts of concentrator to satisfy need here, this kind of method offers those who contain natural setting scene, of tall contrast, the image of high definition.

2. switchs on the mobile phone. Successional power source. Those who open lens body lower end is electronic-controlled switch.

3. is used
(1) preparation: Will wait for stage of observation object park to go up. Rotate 3 aperture converter, choose lesser field lens. Observation, adjust hinge type is binocular ocular, comfortable and advisable.
(2) adjust illuminant: The brightness adjuster of lower end of body of push-pull adjustment lens comes appropriate. Through adjusting the grating below condenser adjusts the size of illuminant.
(3) adjust image distance: Turn 3 aperture converter, choose the field lens of appropriate multiple; Change and choose appropriate ocular; Adjust at the same time litre fall, with eliminate or reducing the halation all round image, the line that improved image is spent.
(4) observation: Undertake observing a result through ocular; Adjust stage, choose field of view.

4. closes machine
Get off observation object, adjuster of push-pull illuminant brightness comes the darkest. Shut the switch of lens body lower end, disconnect power source. Rotate 3 aperture converter, make underside of stage of park of field lens lens, prevent dirt sedimentation.

Safeguard daily reach a note:
Surface of 1. all camera lens must keep clean, fall in the dirt of camera lens surface, can blow with ball suction ear, usable also down is brushed gently whisk take out.
2. is stained with when camera lens surface smeary or when dactylogram, usable pledget dips in the mixed liquor of alcohol of a few anhydrous and ether (3:7) light graze mop.
3. cannot brush other component face with organic solution Qing Dynasty, especially plastic spare parts, can dip in with soft cloth Qing Dynasty brushs a few neuter scour.
Personnel of operation of 4. for love or money cannot be used cotton is round, dry cloth piece or paper of dry camera lens brush screen test face, meet otherwise surface of scratch camera lens, serious damage camera lens, also do not brush screen test with water, such meetings remain in camera lens surface a few
Water mark, consequently the likelihood causes mould, serious damage microscope.
During the intermittence that 5. instrument works, enter microscope limb or lenticular surface to prevent dirt, can leave ocular on microscope limb, or on the lid dustproof a place of strategic importance, or cover the instrument with dustproof cover.
6. small lens does not move as far as possible, if need shift to should take put down gently gently, avoid to collide.
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