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Applied laser captures microscopical protein group learns lung cancer of cut tec
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Summary]   purpose discusses applied laser to capture microscopical cut (Laser Capture Microdissection, it is normal that LCM) technology gets tall homogeneity lung cancer to organize a cell to reach contrast the method with epithelial pulmonary alveolus and feasibility. The method organizes fresh lung cancer the specimen and its conjugate to organize groovy preparation normally freezing section of 8 μ M, use improved HE method dye; Cancer of a large amount of cut lung scale, gland cancer reachs applied LCM technology to contrast normally pulmonary alveolus is epithelial; It is normal to get cell of coessential lung cancer and pair optionally cell. It is OK that the result adopts LCM technique cancer cell of depart of accurate, apace, qualitative etc is necrotic organization, it is normal to get homogeneity is not mixed under the tumor cell of 95% cell. According to the laser pulse frequency of Duration 15.5s and condition of average 8000 Shots, the cell that can assure every cap already collects an amount, also can shorten effectively experimental time, raise an experiment to be able to charge a sex, make unit process of cargo bandling is standardized thereby. Technology of conclusion application LCM can get cell of coessential lung cancer and normal cell successfully. What its need the specimen to measure homogeneity of little, organization it is stability of tall, unit process of cargo bandling, good to can charge a sex, it is biology of lung cancer element and protein group learn to study valuable sample preparation method.

[keyword] laser captures microscopical cut; Lung cancer organization; Protein group learns

In Lung Cancer And Their Paired Normal Lung Tissues of   of Application Of Laser Capture Microdissection To Capture Pure Cells

ABSTRACT: Objective Microheterogeneity Is An Important Problem In Molecularly Biological And Proteomic Research On Malignancies. The Goal Of This Study Was To Investigate The Method To Purify Targeted Cells In Lung Cancer And Its Paired Normal Tissues For Proteomic Study On Lung Cancer Applying Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) . Methods LCM Technique Was Emploged To Obtain The Cells Of Lung Cancer Tissues And Their Paired Normal Tissues From Frozen Sections. Results LCM Can Be Applied To Quickly And Precisely Obtain Pure Targeted Cells Subgroup Or Single Cell Without Interstitium Under The Microscope. Conclusion LCM Can Tackle The Problem Of Tissue Heterogeneity In Molecular Analysis Successfully. These Results Indicate That LCM Has A Potential As A Tool In Lung Cancer Proteomic Research.

KEY WORDS: Laser Capture Microdissection; Lung Cancer Tissue; Proteomics
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