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High resolution light microscopy applies mediumly in life science
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[summary] the research that increases optical microscope resolution basically is centered in two respects to undertake, it is the dimensional resolution that uses classical method to raise all sorts of conditions to fall, if be used at the SPIM technology that large sample researchs, use at the SHG technology that measures quickly and the MPM technology that are used at vivid cell research to wait. 2 be will newest nonlinear technology and tall numeric aperture measure a technology (like STED and SSIM technology) be united in wedlock. Biology science studies the technology that cannot leave freeboard resolution microscopy is propped up, urgent need updates people the requirement of acting development when microscopy will suit. Consider to make clear in recent years, the resolution of optical microscope breaks through the diffractive limit of 200nm transverse resolution and 400nm axial resolution already successfully. The development of high resolution and even freeboard resolution light microscopy depends on the progress of technical itself not only, and it will the research of sample of great stimulative live thing, for inferior the research of cellular class and molecular level provides new measure.

[keyword] optical microscope; High resolution; Nonlinear technology; Accept rice level

The action of technology of the microscope in the course that develops in biology is crucial, especially the certain and important discovery of inchoate microscopy domain, facilitated directly cellular biology reachs his the revolutionary development of relevant course. The observation of the biology structure to fixed sample and live body sample and process, make the necessary instrument that optical microscope makes science of great majority life consider. As life scientific research develops molecular standard by whole species, the dimensional resolution of microscope and the capability that differentiate small detail of essence of life had become a very crucial technology issue. The phylogeny of optical microscope is the history that the mankind challenges resolution limit ceaselessly. Inside the visible light limits of 400 ~ 760nm, the resolution limit of microscope is half wavelengh of light-wave about, it is 200nm about, and newest the taking limiting value that studies achievement can be achieved is 20 ~ 30nm. The article is main from high resolution three-dimensional microscopy is mixed microscopy of high resolution surface two respects, all sorts of technology principles that sum up microscope of high resolution optics and the research that in recent years the diffractive limit respect in breakthrough light obtains make progress.
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