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Application is fluorescent former a chromosome of cell of cross technology diagn
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[summary] the purpose discusses fluorescence former a cross technology (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization, FISH) diagnoses the experimental method with unusual chromosome of amniotic fluid cell and applied value at antenatal. Method to 34 pregnant 16 ~ have antenatal 23 weeks to diagnose show abdomen of classics of the person that ask for is draw-out amniotic fluid, with Chang education fluid goes down to the future generation education, chromosome of metaphase of segmentation of groovy preparation amniotic fluid, applied biology element and the mankind that digoxin labels are complete filar bead bougie and X, Y, 13, 21, 18 chromosome α - move filar bead bougie and chromosome are complete Tu Ran bougie, undertake with the DNA of chromosome of metaphase of amniotic fluid segmentation of education former a cross, bo observes with fluorescent microscope after cross piece photograph picture. The nucleus of chromosome of metaphase of segmentation of its amniotic fluid sort has the person that as a result 34 antenatal are diagnosed normal nucleus 46, XX 15 exemple, 46, XY 16 exemple, unusual nucleus have 47, XY 21, 47, XY 18, 45, x/46, x, r(X) each 1. After the gender aborts, 3 unusual nucleuses cure takes umbilical blood, 25 normal nucleuses track umbilical blood is taken to use FISH and G to take chromosome examination to confirm when laborring to mature, check conform to with chromosome of cell of antenatal amniotic fluid. Conclusion FISH is diagnosed with antenatal of chromosome of cell of Yu Yang water have fast, accurate wait for an advantage, particularly right chromosome structure is unusual as unidentified as origin mark chromosome is diagnosed, have taller sensitivity and reliability.
[keyword] former a cross, fluorescent chromosome is unusual antenatal diagnoses amniotic fluid

HUANG Yanyi of   of Application Of Fluorescence Insitu Hybridization Technique For Prenatal Diagnosis Of Chromosome Abnormality In Amniotic Cells, SUN Xiaofang, LI Qing, et Al. Second Municipal People's Hospital Of Guangzhou, guangzhou 510150
[Abstract] To Study The Technique And Diagnostic Value Of Fluorescence Insitu Hybridization (FISH) In Chromosome Abnormality For Prenatal Diagnosis of   Objective   . 23 Gestational Weeks With Indications For Prenatal Diagnosis of ~ of Methods   Amniocenteses Were Performed In 34 Pregnant Women Of 16. The Amniotic Fluid Samples Were Cultured In Chang's Medium. The Metaphase Chromosomes Were Hybridized Insitu With The Human Centromere Probes, α - Satellites DNA Probes Of X, y, 13, 21, 18 Chromosomes And All Primer Chromosome Probes. These Probes Were Conjugated By Biotin And Dioxin Then. The Treated Slides Were Examined And Taken Photos Under The Fluoromicroscope. Results   By FISH Technique, normal Karyotypes Were Shown In 31 Cases: 16 Cases Of 46, XY, 15 Cases Of 46, XX. Abnormalities Were Found In 3 Patients Which Were 47, XY 21; 47, XY 18 And 45, x/46, x, r (X)respectively. Conclusion   Using FISH Technique To Detect Chromosome Abnormalities In Amniotic Fluid For Prenatal Diagnosis Is A Reliable Method Which Is Rapid And Accurate. It Has Higher Sensitivity And Specificity In Finding Chromosome Structure Abnormalities And Marking Chromosome DNA Sequences.
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