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The current situation that nuclear power microscope uses in biology medicine is
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Summary: Nuclear power microscope (AFM) it is close come ten years the surface becomes one of the most significant progress in resembling a technology. It has very high resolution. Microscope of the working principle that the article will discuss nuclear power microscope, nuclear power uses medium current situation in biology medicine, include the observation of exterior form appearance of biology medicine sample, in the observation in the liquid, between biology element the observation of force chart curve, and technology of biology medicine sample preparation undertake abecedarian analysis is mixed discuss.

Keyword: Element of nuclear power microscope, resolution, biology

Nuclear power microscope (Atomic Force Microscopy, abbreviation AFM) [1] is close come ten years the surface becomes one of the most significant progress in resembling a technology. Compare with photograph of traditional scanning electron microscope, it has very high transverse resolution and fore-and-aft resolution. Below normal circumstance, transverse resolution can achieve 0.1 ~ 0.2 accept rice, fore-and-aft resolution is as high as 0.01 accept rice. This is scanning electron microscope is very inaccessible. In the meantime, AFM can fall in physiology condition (if be in the liquid) into picture, and still can be in what force chart curve undertakes on molecular level to detect, study the impact of its structure and function. This has important sense in biology medicine research [2] . Of course, nuclear power microscope is in biology medicine application, also put in certain limitation and difficulty.

One, principle of job of nuclear power microscope introduces

Principle of job of nuclear power microscope is to use stimulate law of deflexion of beam of light, will pinpoint on the small cantilever that makes the V glyph that feels to faint Li Jimin in, of small cantilever additional, end is secured, make surface of pinpoint approach sample is contacted gently with the surface, because there is weak repellent force between pinpoint and most advanced atom and sample surface atom, when pinpoint when undertaking scanning, can press electric pottery and porcelain through feedback system control the canal is adjustable will maintain the active force between atom constant, contain pinpoint small cantilever will as sample surface rise and fall and vibrate, benefit detects with optics the information that the method gets appearance of sample surface form.
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