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Anxious microscope of laser scanning copolymerization dies in cellular wither th
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Summary: The biology of cell of element of a kind of high accuracy that anxious microscope of laser scanning copolymerization rises as 80 time development analyses an instrument, have fluorescence of trends of scanning of constituent cell fault, vivid cell to monitor, three-dimensional image rebuilds, the advanced function such as analysis of ration of copolymerization anxious image, in in recent years cellular wither dies the application that a large number of creativity received in heat of this one research. The article plans to scan to laser the application in change of level of the morphology that copolymerization anxious microscope dies in wither, element and research of face of tripartite of important physiology process and its achievement do one overview.

Keyword: Laser scanning copolymerization is anxious microscope wither dies

Cellular wither dies (Apoptosis) is to be different from a kind of cell with necrotic cell active death means, control by specific gene. Wither dies the cell appears on configuration become round shrinkage, chromatin condenses disintegrate of edge collect, nucleus, wither to die small bodily form is become wait for change, keep clear of finally by blame inflammation process. Because cellular wither dies to affecting the cellular growth of airframe and metabolization distinctly, in monitor and the respect such as cleared tumour cell and choppy cell produces main effect possibly also, got in recent years the wide attention of the much discipline such as cellular biology, element biology, immunology.

Anxious microscope of laser scanning copolymerization (Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy, LSCM) is 80 time the biology of cell of element of a kind of high accuracy that development rises analyses an instrument, complementary with fluorescence of of all kinds immunity bougie or fluorescent dye and particularity of the material that be measured are united in wedlock, can observe fixed cell organizes section not only, still can mix to the structure of vivid cell, element ion makes observe dynamicly in real time and detect [1] . In the research that dies in cellular wither, anxious microscope of laser scanning copolymerization already was applied at level of morphology, element to monitor widely reach each side such as important physiology change, there is no lack of to be in novelly among them, scored a large number of gain, will make one simple introduction at this point below.
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