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Its reach nuclear power microscope to study medium application in velar science
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As the progress of science and technology, the occurrence of new-style observation instrument provided advanced measure for research. The article pays close attention to at nuclear power microscope, its basic exploration principle and in film science and technology applies mediumly, because nuclear power microscope has all-time high resolution, the observation respect open that waits in exterior configuration of film and structure for its a new gate.

Microscope of keyword atom force; Velar science and technology; Application

1985, the Calvin F of Binnig and Stanford university. The Christoph Gerber collaboration of Quate and IBM Zurich lab rolled out nuclear power microscope (Atomic Force Microscopy, abbreviation AFM) , this is a kind of scanning bougie that does not need electric sample microscope. The probe that this kind of microscope has an atomic volume only through its degree of finish probes the situation of object surface on very close distance, can differentiate the exterior detail on the dinky measure that gives other microscope to cannot differentiate and feature. As a result of its occurrence, the gate of direct observation microcosmos was opened. This kind of microscope can explore the appearance of atom and element with all-time high resolution, decide the report of the object, magnetism and physical characteristic, can decide the case that temperature changes even. When using this kind of microscope, need not make sample happening changes, also need not make sample suffers ruinous high-energy radiate effect.

1. Fundamental [1]

AFM is to use a subtle bougie to resemble quarter grating line to make a round trip in sample surface in that way scanning, bougie is to use the diamond cusp with only wide atom (call below pinpoint) outfit in tinsel (become cantilever below) on. It records the isopleth that those who come down is force, namely the atomic electron cloud of the electron cloud on end and experiment surface produces bougie needle when photograph one on top of another the isopleth of repulsion. The volume of this one repulsion rises and fall along with sample surface and change. Cantilever happens below this interaction force bend. A bundle of laser is illuminated on cantilever, it is cantilever place reflex. When cantilever bends, the method of reflex produces change, put in the photoelectricity diode on reflection method through, can detect give cantilever curve degree. The feedback device inside microscope operates according to stimulating the method of beam of light to change Z axis suppresses report control equipment, this device adjusts the height of sample in order to make of cantilever curve degree to keep changeless. The movement of sample is last translate into states sample surface rises and fall the image of the circumstance. The resolution of AFM accepts the restriction of the degree of finish with diamond most advanced bougie only.
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