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The current situation of the electron microscope and look into
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Summary: The current situation that the article introduced an electron microscope to the point and look into. Respect of transmission electron microscope basically has: Micrology of high resolution electron reachs the observation that atom resembles, resemble differring corrective electron microscope, atomic measure electron is holographic learn, high resolution electron of the surface is microscopical the front is become picture, extrahigh voltage electron microscope, voltage report lens waits in, 120kV, 100kV analyses electric lens, lens of report of transmission of scanning of field emissive gun and lens of energy choice report, transmission report lens will be faced with new major breakthrough again; Respect of scanning electron microscope basically has: Lens of analytic scanning report and X ray can lens of report of scanning of appearance of chart appearance, X ray spectrum and electronic bougie appearance, field emissive gun and lens of low-pressure scanning report, exceed lens of report of scanning of lens of report of scanning of large sample room, environment, scanning electroacoustic microscope, measure long / blemish. The resolving power of scanning report lens is expected to achieve 0.2, 0.3nm observes atom resembles.

Keyword: Instrument of electron microscope of scanning of transmission electron microscope is made with development

Electron microscope (abbreviation report lens, EM) already made the indispensable main tool in modern science and technology through development of more than 50 years. The electronic micrology of our country also had great progress. Lu Si blocks the contriver of the electron microscope (Professor E.Ruska) was obtained consequently 1986 the physical award of nobel prize.

Electron and corporeal interaction can produce transmission electron, stretch scattering electron, energy loss electron, 2 electrons, the back reflexes an electron, absorb an electron, x ray, russia rests electron, cathode gives off light and electrodynamic etc. The electron microscope uses these information to undertake to sample analysis of form appearance observation, composition and structure determine namely. The electron microscope has a lot of kinds, basically have transmission electron microscope (lens of abbreviation transmission report, TEM) and scanning electron microscope (lens of abbreviation scanning report, SEM) two kinds big. Scanning transmission electron microscope (lens of report of abbreviation scanning transmission, STEM) holds both function concurrently. For the characteristic of farther token instrument, have what distinguish in order to quicken voltage, be like: Extrahigh voltage (1MV) and medium voltage (200, lens of 500kV) transmission report, low voltage (lens of report of ~ 1kV) scanning; Have what distinguish with electron gun type, be like a lens of emissive gun report; Have what distinguish with utility, be like lens of high resolution report, lens of analytic report lens, energy choice report, biology report lens, environmental report lens, former an electric lens, measure lens of report of long CD- scanning; Have what name with excitation information, appearance of if ray of electronic bougie X is small divisional analyse (abbreviation electron bougie, EPMA) . The struggling goal of electronic micrology is main since half many century it is observation of do one's best more minikin system structure, pettier substance, individual even atom, obtain more information of concerned sample, like mark ask forring blame brilliant is mixed microcrystalline, part is distributed, grain appearance and dimension, the feature such as the orientaton of the photograph of crystal, crystal, crystal boundary and crystal blemish, so that have integration analysis and bid to the microstructure of material,ask for research 〔 3 〕 . Latter, electron microscope (electronic micrology) , include scanning channel microscope to wait, had great progress again. The article discusses only use extensive transmission report lens and scanning report lens, and with respect to the above-listed a few respects make one brief introduction. The main function of lens of partial transmission report and scanning report lens can consult document.
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