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Shallow talk complete inside reflection fluorescence microscopy and its apply me
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Liuzhao of major of physics of 2004 class biology flies to 10489028 foundations college of medicine

Summary: Complete inside reflexing fluorescent microscopy is in recent years a kind of burgeoning optics is become resemble a technology, it is used complete inside the concealed that reflexes generation is broken come illume sample, cause the fluorescent group inside the optical layer with large degree of 100 accept rice to be aroused thereby, fluorescence believes comparing of a confusion of voices to rise greatly into what resemble. In recent years, complete inside reflex fluorescent microscopy already by biophysics home people the fluorescence that applies extensively at only member is become in resembling. The article is brief introduced complete inside reflection is fluorescent and microscopical basic knowledge of the technology reachs his to be in a few application of biologic respect.

Keyword: Complete inside microscopy concealed breaks reflection fluorescence wave biology only member

Foreword: The generation of the first optical microscope, the thing that makes people can observe naked eye cannot observe. Through development of hundreds of years, through the ceaseless effort of physicist, the function of microscope rises ceaselessly, into improve greatly like quality. A lot of new optical microscope also emerge as the times require, like polarized light microscope, differ microscope, convert microscope. But, in microscope of optics of tradition of cellular biology respect example of insoluble from beginning to end biology is microscopical a few medium serious problems: 1. The letter a confusion of voices that micrograph resembles is compared not tall 2. The injury of illuminate of example of illuminant opposite content 3. The resolution limit of optical and diffractive be caused by (R ≥ 0. 61 λ / Nsin θ ) . And just of these 3 problems is biology only member the problem that in exploring, solves urgently.

The development of 30 time electron microscope brought about 20 centuries the revolution that the cell studies, make the biologist is able to know cellular world on Cong Yaxian small level. Enter 80 age, blame is optical kind of scanning bougie microscopy especially the precision that the occurrence of nuclear power microscope will become the resolution that resemble to advance accept rice more. Meanwhile, new generation optics is microscopical technology also emerge as the times require, they are hurt with its high space resolution and time resolution, nondestructive, and the feasibility that live to only member body explores, become again biologist, physicist is mixed resemble learning the home people the heat of research. At present optics becomes the accepted has an outlook most only member on international to have microscopy of full-court look line like the technology, in all anxious fluorescent microscopy, microscopy of scanning of near field optics and complete inside reflex fluorescent microscopy [1] . These technologies reach the domain such as accept rice material to be paid close attention to extensively in medicine of chemistry of molecular biology, element, laser, produced far-reaching effect.
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