Japanese Vision stereomicroscope need not bow can operate
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Japanese Vision Engineering (headquarters: Yokohama) will appear on the market stereomicroscope " Mantis 3D Viewing System " , can watch image at the same time with very comfortable pose, work at the same time. As a result of the job the distance grows, and taking glasses to be able to be operated all the same, because this operation personnel is not easy fatigue. The product includes fold to be 4 times and of 6 times " Mantis Compact " , and fold is 4 ~ of 20 times " Mantis Elite " . Price respect, former for 190 thousand 1500 yen (add up to a RMB about 15 thousand yuan) case, latter is 300 thousand 6000 yen (add up to a RMB about 24 thousand yuan) case.

Respect of camera lens focal length, of 4 times for96mm, of 6 times for73mm. The Mantis Compact of current model can observe the image of enlarge and real volume below same central issue, the operation is very accordingly convenient. The eye shot of 4 times camera lens is27.5mm. And the eye shot of Mantis Elite can be achieved34.0mm, have the characteristic with big eye shot.

Deploy white LED lighting installation, more facilitating observation. A technology of enlarge of pupil ejaculation light that uses company of British Vision Engineering to have patent (Expanded Exit Pupil/Exit Pupil Expansion) , can resemble watching video same, observe image of the high resolution of microscope, tall contrast. The freedom that operates personnel eye and body through rising is spent, operate not only rise more convenient, and accuracy also rose.
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