Ni Kang rolls out AZ100 of successive scorch microscope
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Ni Kang general the successive scorch microscope that in December put on sale faces industrial utility to be able to record digital image " MULTIZOOM AZ100 ". Realized chief job to be apart from, in ensure big visual field while still realized tall NA, applicable at a variety of utility show microcosmic examine. Outside eliminating the lab that has industrial side and quality department, still can apply extensively at the domain such as biology science. Price respect, fall shoot fluorescence / trans-illumination model is 2.34 million 2655 yen (contain tax) , fall shoot coaxial illume model 1.37 million 8965 yen (contain tax) .

Use Yuan Xincheng to resemble optical system, can be in arrive by low fold in all sorts of observation means such as differential interference are used below the different times of fold. If combine fluorescent observation, return applicable at domain of most advanced research. And, differ with the optical system of hypostatic microscope, its use do not have a difference but system of successive scorch optics can make the line of sight keeps perpendicular, get declining content is resembled notting have thereby.

Limits of microscope enlarge fold is 5 ~ 400 times (configuration falls 6.25 ~ are when shooting coaxial lighting installation 500 times) . And observe below any fold off color is dinky, can have high resolution / tall contrast observation. Aperture but linkage of as optical as scorch system, get the contrast that suits most with observation fold.

In addition, (1) the mercuric and fiber-optic illuminant of new development makes mean life reachs mercuric light 2000 hours, and do not need to decide medium, right anxious, raised the maneuverability of the microscope when fluorescent observation greatly. (2) the development of appropriative XY workbench and double focusing structure, raised the maneuverability that its issue in each fold.
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