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One, systematic brief introduction:

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, inc. , optical microscope top class manufacturer, roll out MIRAX LIVE of digital section scanner. The microscope technology with support outstanding ZEISS and the craft that make, MIRAX LIVE offers superexcellent picture quality and resolution. The user can choose field lens by oneself, and the automatic scanning that reachs 50 gramophone records.

MIRAX LIVE includes ZEISS microscope, CCD, software and MIRAX LIVE inside completely integrated program, the functional sex microscope, flexibility and conformity of appearance of digital scanning section become a module that can upgrade, realize quick long-range control, offer high quality picture, automatic remote microscope control and optimized data are deferent speed, raised pathology new standard at the same time, offer pathology home to collect graph and the likelihood that section comments on at any time and place.

MIRAX LIVE makes pathology home can be met section of long-range consultation, observation, remotely in real time cooperation of make peace much dot. No matter the expert is executed,comment on section remotely or the meeting is organized in different lab feasible.

MIRAX LIVE allows a doctor to carry a network remote detect and share different section, promotional communication, cooperation enlarges different pathology the experimental ability of the home and lab.

2, main characteristic

  • Remote consultation
  • 3 different configuration MIRAX LIVE IS, RT, AT
  • Optional Axioskop 40 And Axio Imager
  • Superior picture quality
  • The function is powerful, flexibility is strong
  • Amount to 50 section to scan at the same time

3, application
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