Scientist of Germany of " of limit of breakthrough " Abbe invents new-style and
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2006 year Germany " prospective award " announce last week. Break through 200 accept rice by right of the invention " Abbe limit " optical microscope, german mark this - Pulangke learns live thing · black Er obtained Shitefen of physico-chemical institute director this one honor. Annual " prospective award " it is the scientific award with the most important Germany. When black Er been receivinging German president gram to strap issued pot, express, regard a science and technology as the starting capital of the company the stake of 250 thousand euro that acquires place, better to will study microscope lays a foundation.   

18 centuries 70 time, ensite Abei discovers German physicist, visible light fluctuates as a result of its characteristic meeting produces diffraction, consequently beam of light cannot infinite focusing. According to this Abbe law, 1/3 the smallest diameter of focusing of visible light energy is light-wave wavelengh, namely 200 accept rice. Since a many century, of 200 accept rice " Abbe limit " be considered as the resolution limit with optical theoretic microscope all the time, the object that is less than this dimension must electron microscope of have the aid of or observation of ability of channel scanning microscope.

But pulse of ably have the aid of stimulates the scientist such as black Er smooth action, broke through " Abbe limit " . The new-style optical microscope that they invent can watch the little live thing that 20 accept rice controls. It is reported, this kind of new-style and optical microscope will put in the market at next year, predicting price is controlled in 800 thousand euro.

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